It’s a powerful thing when a community newsroom can bring the community together to talk about an important topic such as food insecurity.

More than 120,000 people in Jefferson County were food insecure as of 2016, according to data from Feeding America. There is a growing community conversation about the ways in which hunger, poverty, and other equity issues affect Louisvillians’ quality of life.

Insider Louisville recently facilitated “Food Insecurity In A Foodie City,” an event moderated by our health reporter Darla Carter.  We were joined by a panel of representatives from local groups who are tackling food insecurity through creative and innovative programs.

The speakers included: Kish Cumi of the Smoketown Family Wellness Center; Stan Siegwald of Dare to Care Food Bank; Pastor Shirley Burke, of Coke Memorial United Methodist Church and the Smoketown Fresh Stop Market; Erin Hargrove of The Food Literacy Project; Cassia Herron from the Louisville Association for Community Economics; and Monique Quarterman, 2018 Hunger Innovation Fellow.

The event pictures here show people assembled to discuss food insecurity and food access initiatives at work in our community. What they don’t show are some of the actions we’ve already heard about since this event: a donation to a food justice nonprofit, conversations about corporate sponsorship for hunger relief efforts, and donations to a local food pantry.

Stories matter. Civic engagement matters.

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