First, there were limited production local craft beer alternatives to Bud and Miller.

Now there are limited production Kentucky craft whiskey alternatives to Jack and Maker’s.

The Lexington, Ky.-based multinational animal feed supplement and beer company (well, that’s what they do) Alltech is plunging in the spirits business.

Wednesday night, the Alltech Brewing and Distilling Company launched Alltech’s newest product, Town Branch Bourbon. The company already makes Pearse Lyons Reserve malt whiskey and a bourbon-infused liqueur.

We didn’t get the Town Branch name either. Turns out the water they use to make the bourbon is from a stream that – basketball fans will love this – flows through Lexington and under Rupp Arena. This is from a news release:

President and founder of Alltech, Dr. Pearse Lyons said, “One of Bourbon’s most distinctive qualities comes from the limestone water that brought Bourbon to popularity in the 1800s. The name Town Branch commemorates the body of water that currently runs under Lexington, upon which Lexington was founded. Town Branch was once the lifeblood of Lexington, now again it is bringing joy to Lexingtonians and Bourbon lovers alike.”

Apparently, the industry is down with it. For the first time since its founding in 1880, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association extended its membership a craft distilleries, with Alltech being the first to join after its release of the Pearse Lyons Reserve, according to the release.

Alltech first entered the beverage industry with its Irish red/English pale ale hybrid, Kentucky Ale, in 2000. Which is danged good.

In 11 years, Alltech has added to its collection two more beers, Kentucky Light and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, as well as a Bourbon infused coffee beverage, Bluegrass Sundown, and a malt whiskey, Pearse Lyons Reserve.

Alltech’s launch of Town Branch Bourbon comes just two weeks before the Alltech National Horse Show’s grand debut at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, according to  the release. Town Branch Bourbon will be the official drink of the horse show.

Town Branch Bourbon is currently available at Kentucky retailers. Horses and bourbon, 24 hours per day. You gotta’ love Lexington.

About Alltech: Founded by Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a global animal health and nutrition company with more than 31 years’ experience in developing natural products that are scientifically proven to enhance animal health and performance. With more than 2650 employees in 128 countries, the company has developed a strong regional presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. For further information, visit For media assets, visit