Following a press conference announcing that University of Louisville men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich were placed on administrative leave, students expressed the same sentiment as UofL board of trustees chairman J. David Grissom — shock.

News broke yesterday that the men’s basketball program was involved in a federal indictment involving multiple schools, which alleged that one or more of the UofL coaches was involved in a scheme this summer to bribe recruits into attending the university.

Several students told Insider that they didn’t have a strong opinion about the news because all the information was still new but called the recent scandal a shame.

“As a student, it definitely doesn’t look good going to a school that had an interim president come in, now the athletic department,” said Nicholas Everett, a sophomore studying middle and secondary education.

Given the involvement of the FBI, Everett said he was expecting the news to come down today that Jurich and Pitino were fired.

That may still be the end result, but Grissom told media Wednesday afternoon that the board of trustees would decide Jurich’s fate at its next meeting. The UofL Athletic Association board has the final say over whether Pitino stays or goes.

UofL student Nicole Smith was reading the latest update on the scandal on a bench on the college green. She said the news was not good for the university. It’s her third year at UofL, she added, and every year there’s been some sort of alleged misbehavior.

While he views the whole situation as “kind of a mess,” Reuben Mathew, a senior in chemical engineering, said he didn’t believe the alleged misconduct in the athletics program impacted him very much.

“The only real losers in my eyes are the diehard fans,” he said.

However, fellow senior Steven Blackburn said he was concerned about how scandals such as this most recent one could impact UofL’s accreditation.

Blackburn, who described himself as not a sports fan, added that UofL may be in the limelight now for recruiting-related misconduct, “but I feel like it happens everywhere else.”

Here’s what others had to say on Twitter today: