El Toro logoA coalition led by retired Army general David Granger that displaced Guyana’s ruling party of more than two decades last month had help from a Louisville company.

Ad-tech startup El Toro worked with Granger’s campaign to become Guyana’s new president in May, ending the 23-year reign of the People’s Progressive Party Civic in the small South American country.

Critical to the campaign was circumventing the PPP/C’s hold on state-run media and reaching the country’s youth voters. The election was held on May 11, and Granger won by fewer than 5,000 votes in one of the highest voter turnouts in the country’s history.

More than 60 percent of Guyanese have Internet-connected mobile devices, so El Toro helped the Granger campaign become more digitally savvy using patent-pending technology to map household IP addresses, allowing the campaign to target individuals or groups based on location. Brad Goodman, a U.S.-based campaign consultant for the Granger campaign, hired El Toro to lead the digital push.

“I had previously used El Toro in a number of U.S. elections and knew it was the type of tool that would make a difference in Guyana,” Goodman said in a news release. “By using El Toro, we were able to target voters on a granular level with the right messages at the right time. El Toro was a key part to the historic change of power in Guyana, something that had not happened since 1992.”

El Toro reports that it was able to drive more than 60,000 clicks from more than 32,000 unique visitors to the United Guyana campaign website and Facebook pages in the 30 days leading up to the election. Sixty-one percent of visitors were ages 18-34, it says. This was a special election called to avoid a parliament vote of no confidence in the PPP/C party.

“We implemented a multilayered campaign and delivered several million impressions to reach voters across the entire country,” El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs said. “President Granger and his team were very digitally savvy and knew that online outreach, especially to the youth of Guyana, would be critical to winning the election.”

The inauguration was May 26.