Chris Cprek, right, from LVL1 with Ted Smith. (Click photos to see full size.)

If Louisville is going to move forward, someone needs to keep bringing together the entrepreneurs, investors, digital leaders and innovators a la Adam Fish and Forge.

So we did.

The Rooibee Red Tea was flowing as about 100 people, including Mayor Greg Fischer and Ted Smith, turned out last night for Louisville Tech Insiders Outing at Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park.

The event was organized and sponsored by Louisville Digital Association, LVL1, GlowTouch Technologies and Insider Louisville.

Jay Garmon, LDA president, said he saw the picnic as a casual setting where people were free to relax and talk:

The cross-pollination of Louisville’s tech factions has begun. Our goal is to break down the walls between every sector of our tech community, and when I saw the mayor talking with website designers, or Ted Smith talking with student hackers, or saw Vik Chadha pitching IHub to local entrepreneurs, or talked to Ralph Ross about getting the SBA equity investment pool into Louisville, I knew we were on the right track.

LDA President Jay Garmon, left, and Vik Chadha, GlowTouch Technologies and Backupify.

The vision for the free event was fairly parochial, yet Insiders Outing drew regionally, said Deborah Boyer, LDA secretary and Louisville-based strategic-planning consultant.

Many attendees came as invites of Grace Simrall, founder of iGlass Analytics and an LDA officer.

“The mayor, Ted Smith (the mayor’s gift to the city), Ralph from the SBA; folks who drove in from Lexington and Fort Knox – all willing to invest time and money to grow our entrepreneurial culture,” Boyer said. “I saw people who I knew, but never see at informal events.

“The after party did not end until 11!”

It was that kind of event … a chance for the stars and future stars to connect. Two of the big draws were Louisville’s latest tech stars, Impulcity creators Hunter Hammonds and Austin Cameron.

Dave Durand, back to camera, makes a point as, left to right, Ted Smith, Austin Cameron and Hunter Hammonds ponder the topic.

Hammonds and Cameron drove down for Insiders Outing from Cincinnati, where they’re living while attending a 14-week program at The Brandery business accelerator.

“It was amazing to see so many people in Louisville who are working to cultivate such a strong startup environment in Louisville,” Hammonds said. “LDA and Insider Louisville did a great job organizing the event and getting the right people there.”

Events such as Insiders Outing are a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and investors, Hammonds said.

“The great network I’ve been able to build would be non-existent if I hadn’t started attending events like this one.”

Mayor Greg Fischer, left, and Ralph Ross, SBA

Louisville Tech Insiders Outing attendees included:

•  Austin Cameron, Impulcity

• Vik Chadha, Backupify, GlowTouch Technologies and Scalable Ventures

•  Chris Cprek, LVL1 co-founder and HPC Systems Administrator at the University of Louisville’s Cardinal Research Cluster Supercomputer.

•  Mark Crane, instructor, consultant and community liaison at the University of Louisville’s School of Business Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship

•  Dave Durand, Forest Giant and Keepio

•  Adam Fish, Forge and Roobiq

•  Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer

•  Jay Garmon, TechRepublic and Backupify

•  Patrick Goodman,Red e App

•  Hunter Hammonds, Impulcity

•  Michelle Jones, Consuming Louisville

•  Ken Marshall, CEO of FoodCalc

•  Ralph Ross, executive director Kentucky District, U.S. Small Business Administration

• Grace Simrall, founder, iGlass Analytics

•  Ted Smith, director, Department of Economic Growth and Innovation at Louisville Metro Government

•  Taylor Trusty, Blackstone Media