Last year's Gubby Records compilation

Last year’s Gubby Records compilation

Louisville independent music label Gubbey Records is sending out a call to any and all Louisville musicians to submit a track for its upcoming releaseHead Cleaner — A Louisville Music Compilation. The submission deadline is Sept. 1.

The compilation will be released on cassette, hence the title. And when we say Gubbey is open to all musicians in Louisville, we mean it. Last year’s project featured 106 local music acts and came out to more than six-and-a-half hours of music. It was released via three cassettes, with an additional download volume. This will be the compilation’s third year.

Label owner Dave Rucinski says the point of including so many bands is to document a year of Louisville music from all genres.

Last year’s edition featured at least two of Louisville’s better-known, up-and-coming bands: Small Time Napoleon and Twin Limb. The rest were a mixed bag, by design.

“We will only reject if there are any homophobic or racial slurs in the music. Thus far we have never received anything … that would require us to reject a track,” says Rucinski.

Why cassettes? Readers of a certain age — I’m 43 — will remember them being ruined in hot cars, prone to getting chewed by cassette players, and generally featuring mediocre sound quality.

Rucinski says it’s because vinyl records — that other nostalgic music medium of choice — would simply take too long to create. And cassettes are hot, believe it or not.

“We’re selling more cassettes than CDs,” he says. “I’m not sure why.”

He adds that each cassette also is sold with a free digital download.

Gubbey has a few demands for submitting songs. Musical acts have to include the title of the song, a contact email or website, and a listing of everyone who played on it, in addition to what instruments the musicians played. Gubbey also needs to know where and when the song was recorded.

Gubbey is asking any interested musical acts to submit songs via the WAV format, as it offers superior sound quality to MP3s. The songs should be from 1 to 4:30 minutes long. Also, musicians should send the music via Dropbox or Sendspace, as WAV files are typically too big to send via email. To send a track, go to either or, and then alert the label at [email protected]

Rucinski doesn’t yet know how much the compilation will sell for, because he doesn’t know how big it will be. Last year’s three-cassette behemoth retailed for $15. He says there will be two live shows in conjunction with the compilation’s release, each one likely having four bands. No further details about the shows are available yet.

To learn more, contact Rucinski at 468-2184 or at Gubbey’s website.