Courtesy UofL

The city’s bike-share program, LouVelo, is extending its reach to the University of Louisville.

According to the university, crews are to install four LouVelo stations on the Belknap campus early next week at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, Threlkeld Hall, Freedom Park and the Floyd Street Parking Garage. The stations can hold 12 bikes each.

Justin Mog, assistant to the provost for sustainability, told Insider via an email exchange: “We are always thrilled to see more people getting to and around campus on bikes — it means one fewer car we have to park, less traffic, less danger, cleaner air and less carbon emissions, and healthier people using their muscles rather than fossil fuels to get around.”

In 2012, the university started its own campus bike-share program, Mog said, adding, “But we’ve always known that a city-wide network of stations … is what’s really needed to provide an alternative commute and to encourage new ridership and create a functional system that works for everyone.”

Indeed, a year earlier, in 2011, the university advocated for a city-wide system, and when the city needed financing to launch LouVelo, the UofL Sustainability Council committed $30,000 from its Climate Action Plan budget, he said, “to help get the bike-share plan off the drawing board and onto the streets.”

The city introduced LouVelo in May 2017, and with the UofL stations, more than 320 bikes at 37 stations will be available to riders across Louisville and Jeffersonville, Ind.

The university said LouVelo’s student pricing plan is $7.50 a month for unlimited, 60-minute rides. Bikes are checked out by membership card or app, and a student plan can be purchased at

To be sure, the bikes are competing with other modes of transportation on campus: Lime and Bird scooters. “We would much prefer to see people getting healthy, having fun, and saving money getting around under their own power rather than paying money to rent a motorized device powered with dirty energy,” Mog said.