Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo, Valentine’s Day will never be as fun as St. Patrick’s Day. Expectations are too high and love is forced down your throat like Fireball at a bachelorette party. But yet, February is here, and Kroger aisles are overflowing with cupids and chocolate and flowers and heartache.

We thought we’d give you one big slap in the face with Valentine events we think sound interesting, and that’s all you’ll hear from us on the topic. Pinky swear.

Bourbon & flowers | Courtesy of Four Roses

Four Roses Bourbon Flower Hour @ Nanz & Kraft — Friday, Feb. 10

Let’s start with bourbon and go from there. Four Roses sponsors this annual last-minute shopping spree for people looking for flowers and a few sips of bourbon. All proceeds from the suggested $10 donation go to the American Heart Association, and the first 100 guests get a free gift. Everyone (who is 21 and over), however, can enjoy samples of delicious Four Roses bourbon along with some appetizers and live music. Runs from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Nanz & Kraft Florist, 141 Breckenridge Lane.

Galentine’s Day” @ Block Party Handmade Boutique — Friday, Feb. 10

The second annual “Galentine’s Day” event celebrates the holiday Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) of “Parks and Rec” invented a few years ago — celebrate female friendships, because girls rule. Along with an art show by local female artists, there will be a benefit for Louisville Rescue Mission, Home of the Innocents, and the Center for Women and Families, as well as a raffle to raise money for Girls Rock Louisville. The place will be overflowing with girl power and will be fueled by live music, beer, waffle-making stations and more. Runs 6-10 p.m. at Block Party, 560 S. Fourth St.

Poster art by Mark Parris

The Roast of Love @ The Bard’s Town — Feb. 10 & 11

Picture contenders like Fabio, Cupid, Rick from “Casablanca,” Edward from “Twilight,” the Tin Man and R. Kelly vying for one single rose from a bachelorette. That’s the scenario behind this month’s Character Assassination Roast at The Bard’s Town. There are two shows each night — one at 7:30 and one at 10 — and tickets are $15 at the door. The Bard’s Town is at 1801 Bardstown Road.

Love Me/Love Me Not” @ Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor — through Feb. 28

This art show is both sweet and sarcastic. The 20 local artists have created handmade gifts and cards for those who like the holiday and those who don’t — so there’s sure to be something for every shade of grey. It’ll continue through the end of the month at Liberty Tattoo & Art Parlor, 2801 S. Third St.

XXX Art Show” @ Ultra Pop — Saturday, Feb. 11

Art by Melody Fox can be found at Liberty Tattoo, Ultra Pop and the Highlands Tap Room this weekend.

Ultra Pop’s most popular and titillating show of the year is all about nudes, sexiness and X-rated extracurricular activities. But remember, this is art, people, so it’s all good. Just leave the kids at home. The tagline for the sixth annual show is: “Low brow art for your high brow collection.” The peep show runs 6-10 p.m. at Ultra Pop, 960 Barret Ave.

Valloween” @ Big Bar — Saturday, Feb. 11

If you can’t beat it, why not mix it with another holiday? That’s the idea behind Do502‘s “Valloween,” which meshes the best parts of Valentine’s Day and Halloween. The free event asks attendees to dress in costumes — the theme is “cocktails, monsters and music” — and will feature slow-jam music by DJ Persh. The party starts at 10 p.m. Big Bar is at 1202 Bardstown Road.

Eat Your HeArt Out” @ Highlands Tap Room — Sunday, Feb. 12

It’s nice to enjoy a beer or two while walking around looking at art, and this show has attracted the top local artists who have created pieces with that in mind. Some are pro Valentine’s, and some are anti — but it’s all local, so it tastes that much sweeter. Starts at 5 p.m. at Highlands Tap Room, 1058 Bardstown Road.

Pillow Fight Extravaganza @ South Fourth Street — Tuesday, Feb. 14

South Fourth Street will be shut down for the second annual Louisville Pillow Fight, which they’re dubbing “Fight for Love” this year. You must be 18 and older to participate, and you’re encouraged to wear PJs and bring your own pillow. The “fight” begins at noon on Valentine’s Day. Just head to Fourth Street between Chestnut and Guthrie and prepare to swing and be hit.

After the Fire is Gone” @ Kaiju — Tuesday, Feb. 14

Now this sounds like a way to spend Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re single and sick of it all. The Hellfire Four (made up of musicians Joan Shelley, Sean Johnson, Chad Acton and John Pedigo) will play the best of old country for those with aching hearts. With special guests Nathan Salsburg, Anna Krippenstapel, Alex Udis and more, the event just might in fact prove that misery loves company. The $8 cover charge goes toward Ohio Valley ReSource, a journalism partnership that aims to rethink how we use our resources in a shifting economy. Kaiju is located at 1004 E. Oak St.