Lydia House is located at 1101 Lydia St. in Germantown. | Courtesy of Lydia House

The Schnitzelburg neighborhood noodle and sandwich shop Lydia House will host a final brunch on Dec. 30 and a special New Year’s Eve party to bid farewell to customers, its owner, Emily Ruff, announced on Facebook Wednesday morning.

Lydia House, located at 1101 Lydia St., is closing after almost four years in business. Insider Louisville reached Ruff by phone, but she was unable to comment immediately as she was busy cooking up lunch for customers.

On Facebook, Ruff broke the news to the restaurant’s followers.

“I am so sad to announce that I will be closing Lydia House at the end of December. When I opened almost four years ago, I really had no idea what I was doing; I just wanted to create a neighborhood joint for all of us to hang out in and feel comfortable. That so many of you enjoyed what I had to offer has been thrilling,” she stated.

“Getting to know my neighbors, hosting musicians and artists, and having the privilege of working with amazing people has been such a joy, and I cannot say thank you enough to all of you,” Ruff continued. “The restaurant biz is really tough, and I just can’t hang anymore.”

Ruff thanked those who ate at Lydia House, came to see a show and artists that played music or exhibited their work there.

Although Lydia House is closing, Ruff hinted that something new will open in the space in the not too distant future.

Back in 2017, Lydia House retooled its menu slightly, dropping the price of a noodle bowl from $10 to $8, to keep them in line with the neighborhood, which has seen its popularity and home prices skyrocket. Still, those who live and run businesses in Schnitzelburg and neighboring Germantown told Insider that they haven’t lost their blue-collar identity.

Lydia House is the latest restaurant to announce its closure. Both Bistro 1860 and the Buffalo Wild Wings location in The Highlands closed this past weekend.

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