This is out of the blue.

We just saw a blog post on that says two Philadephia drinking and dining operations are collaborating on The St. Charles Exchange, a new restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.

And the address mentioned is 626 W. Main St., which happens to be the same address as the Louisville location for Morton’s Steakhouse.

Mike Welsh, left, and Mitch Prensky

The post is pretty darn specific, and quotes Mike Welsh of The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. (which is a fancy bar) and Mitch Prensky of Supper, part of a high-end restaurant firm.

So we called Morton’s here, and they sounded none to happy about receiving our call.

The person who answer the phone at Morton’s told us, “Sorry, I can’t comment on anything.”

Would a greedy landlord put two similar upscale restaurants in the same building? Possibly.

Or is The St. Charles Exchange replacing Morton’s?

UPDATE: Minutes after this story was posted, Jennifer Montgomery, the Louisville-based publicist for The St. Charles called to say its owners stressed “that The St. Charles will not replace Morton’s. The two restaurants will operate in the same building.”

Still, it leaves us questioning how Morton’s lease would allow a similar high-end competitor to set up shop in the same building.

That said, here are the first few graphs of the Eater post. You decide for yourself if somethin’s up ….

Mike Welsh of The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. and Mitch Prensky of Supper are working on a new project in Louisville, KY. The duo, who are also responsible for Lemon Hill in Fairmount, are launching The St. Charles Exchange at 626 W. Main Street in the heart of whiskey country in mid-April. Welsh says that the building is the oldest in the Louisville area.

“We’re going for early 1900’s hotel style cocktails and food,” said Welsh. “We really want to focus on the hospitality angle of those hotels in the Golden Age of service.”

It’s no mistake that the building they’re taking over is part of the legendary Brown-Forman Corporation, who own Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve, among other famous potables. “We both had a feeling out period to see if the match was right, and it worked out,” said Welsh.

Here’s the full post.