This story was reported by WLKY and is reposted here with permission.

James Roeder was in Jefferson County District Court on Friday when Judge Amber Wolf offered the man an unusual opportunity.

“I understand that there is a chance you are going to go back to Todd County and that your baby is a month old and you have not met that baby yet. Is that right?” Wolf asked.

Roeder nodded his head yes.

That is when Judge Wolf asked Roeder’s wife, who was also in the courtroom for her own hearing, if she’d like to bring the baby forward. She agreed.

Wolf then explained that the couple has a no contact order but that she was making a temporary exception so that Roeder could meet the baby.

Roeder’s wife, Ashley, then handed the baby to her husband.

In courtroom video, you can see Roeder tearfully kiss the baby several times before handing it back to his wife.

James Roeder has pending cases in Jefferson County traffic and family court. He also faces charges in Todd County.