Beef, beer and “bloodies.”

Now that’s a manly way to start off your Super Bowl Sunday.

If such a lineup interests you, then cross the Sherman-Minton for that and more during brunch at Bank Street Brewhouse (415 Bank Street, New Albany). It starts at 10 a.m. and runs until 2 p.m.

If, like me, you lean toward savory, single plate selections (never been a piled-high pancake and whipped cream waffle fan), this is a good option. No syrupy-sweet selections on the limited but diverse menu that includes BSB’s fantastic croque madame (which shares my pick for the best hot sandwich around with the Brown Hotel’s hot brown), Kentucky eggs Benedict, chorizo hash, pork tacos and burgers.

Plus, the joint serves adult beverages beginning at 10 a.m., a full three hours before Louisville spots start pouring poisons.

Don’t think that’s a big deal? Ask any Sunday brunch server how many times angry patrons confirm, “What? I can’t get a bloody Mary until 1?”

Not only can you get your tomato juice and toxins at BSB, you can customize your own at the bloody Mary bar, an increasingly popular brunch option these days.

“The bloody Mary bar started out kind of slow because we didn’t have brunch to emphasize along with it,” said Roger Baylor, one of three partners in BSB and the New Albanian Brewing Co. Once they added grub, “It went through the ceiling and got really popular. It was proof we have the occasional good idea.”

Mimosas and liqueur-spiked coffees are served, too, along with the brewery’s 14 draft beers.

“A lot of people will bring a growler to brunch and get it filled while they’re there,” Baylor added, implying a jug of good brew would be a fitting drink for that evening’s game. “About noon is when you’ll see more people drinking beer and moving on from coffee.”

On the first Sunday of the month (yep, this one’s it), BSB adds prime rib and an omelet station. (Strong beers and hunks o’ cow. That’s a Fred Flintstone dream meal.)

For chef Matt Weirich’s whole menu, just keep reading. For more info, visit or go old school and dial 812-725-9585. Just make sure you turn down the Victrola before you call.

The menu:

  • Kentucky eggs Benedict: Two poached eggs, choice of pork belly or applewood smoked ham, mornay, tribeca oven baguette, hash brown potatoes, $11
  • Steak and eggs: Bacon hash, roasted vegetables, & veal stock reduction, topped with a poached egg. With a 6 o.z. sirloin, $13, with a 10 o.z. New York strip, $17
  • New Albanian Eye Opener: Two eggs any style plus a choice of 3: toast, buttermilk biscuit handmade 15-B sausage patties, applewood smoked bacon hash brown potatoes and grits, $7.50
  • Biscuits and gravy: buttermilk biscuits and house sausage gravy, $6.50
  • Sunday croque madame: applewood smoked ham, prosciutto, white cheddar cheese, mornay, poached egg, pommes frites and a side salad, $13
  • 3D Valley Farms Angus burger: half pound burger, white cheddar, applewood smoked bacon and pommes frites, $10
  • Chorizo hash: Fiedler Family Farms chorizo, sunny side egg, pickled red onion, crème fraiche, $13
  • Tacos: choice of roasted vegetables or Fiedler Family Farms pork, pickled red onion, pineapple, cilantro and mojo sauce, $12