By Matt DeCamillis

Topgolf’s addition to the Shelbyville Road corridor can be a benefit to the community if done right. The residents of the area have valid concerns, for example, additional traffic and noise from this development and others planned in the area (the development of the Oxmoor farmland).

The state and metro government need to come up with a thorough redesign and growth plan for this area. Louisville’s East End is growing fast, faster than almost any other part of the metro, and to not have thoughtful and detailed master plan including road and infrastructure, transit, mass transit, and environmental protection along with zoning regulations suited to this new growth is a recipe for disaster.

Much of the Shelbyville Road corridor from St. Matthews to Middletown was last redesigned in the 1970s before the growth of the eastern suburbs and the University of Louisville’s Shelby campus. This new growth presents great opportunities for Louisville to add new jobs and improve quality of life into the future, but with this growth also comes challenges of protecting the quality of life that so many residents of the area have come to enjoy.

Through the use designated turn lanes, sidewalk and shoulder improvements, better access to interstates, including the Dupont hospital area and I-64 corridor, many improvements can be made with a limited amount of money.

Dixie Highway is seeing a renaissance with the newly redesigned road that so many uses in the southwest corner of the metro, now the same investment has to be made to the critical Shelbyville Road area.