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(Editor’s note: Curtis Morrison, a frequent Insider Louisville contributor, is a candidate for the Lousiville Metro Council District Eight seat.

By Curtis Morrison, Louisville Courant

Mayor Greg Fischer was occupying Harvard a few nights ago to show off how awesome he is as a first term mayor, and how great he’s doing, working with Occupy Louisville.

(For the original post, see, “Mayor Greg Fischer joins Trey Grayson at Harvard University for ‘Mayors on the Front Line: Occupy Wall St., Flash Mobs and Gun Violence” here.)

Unfortunately for Fischer, fellow panelist and first-term Mayor, Michael Nutter, screwed up the relocation of Occupy Philadelphia the night before, and an occupiers were injured by police.

And so ….

Occupy Philadelphia shows up.

Trey Grayson gets hilarious.

And finally, our poor Mayor, opens his mouth.

Watch for yourself!

Nearly two months after Occupy Louisville was kicked off, Fischer has never been to a General Assembly, or watched one online.

Or even hung out with people who talked Occupy-lingo for fun at parties.

He’s completely insulated from reality, but he is unique. Who else can say they went to Harvard to learn what a mic check was?

(Editor’s note: Louisville is one of the last major cities to allow Occupy protesters to stay encamped downtown. Mayor Greg Fischer agreed to allow Occupy Louisville to remain through the end of the year. This week, Occupy encampments in Philadelphia and Los Angeles were cleared by police.)