Twitter is all atwitter with talk about our mayor speaking at Harvard last night.

@southsouthM. Monalisa Gharavi
All four mayors at the Harvard forum asked to speak about the Occupy movement were Democrats (Fischer, Hancock, Nutter, Rawlings-Blake).

That would be Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer, who was a participant Wednesday evening in “Mayors on the Front Line: Occupy Wall Street, Flash Mobs and Gun Violence” forum (catchy title) at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Ever wonder what happened to Trey Grayson, the moderate (capable) Kentucky Republican who got creamed by our beloved Sen. Rand Paul? Grayson was the moderator last night as Institute of Politics director.

(Gee, who got the better end of that deal – Grayson teaching at the most prestigious university in America? Or Rand, locked into six years of fetching coffee for Mitch McConnell?)

Fischer participated with fellow mayors Michael Nutter of Philadelphia and Dr. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake from Baltimore, according to the Institute of Politics website.

So, was the mayor representin’?

We don’t know … this was not pushed out on the mayor’s Twitter feed or on Facebook page.

The video on the Institute of Politics website isn’t live, yet. All Forum events are supposed to be available the next day on the website, or during the week on iTunes U.

What we do know is Nutter caught grief because the same day he’s in Boston for the forum, his police cleared out Occupy Philadelphia, arresting at least 50 people.

Here’s one review of Fischer via a Tweet from an Occupy supporter:

Mayor Fischer (Louisville, KY) was the most honest. He blatantly self-identified as a businessman. Roads and sewers just aren’t as much fun!

More as we know more.