Gov touts need to procreate in defending gay marriage ban

Did you know Apple CEO Tim Cook is gay, as are a lot of top executives at some of America’s largest and most innovative companies? Apparently that fact is lost on Gov. Steve Beshear.

Last week, Beshear proclaimed Kentucky’s ban on recognizing legal gay marriages from other states must be retained because only “man-woman” couples can naturally procreate — why, we wouldn’t have no young ‘uns!

Of course, we won’t have a lot of talent, either. Like Cook, for example. And Peter Thiel, the notoriously conservative/libertarian co-founder of PayPal and Ted Cruz supporter. Almost as famous is Megan Smith at Google. We sure don’t want people like that showing up in our state, dadgummit!

In Louisville, it’s no secret that George Stinson, who owns multiple projects around town including a new gay-themed hotel, is gay. There are so many other business owners who keep lower profiles. And with Gov. Beshear in charge, who can blame them ….

Search for GLI CEO continues

Our insiders tell us Neville Blakemore has withdrawn as a candidate for Greater Louisville Inc. CEO after The Mayor took away GLI’s economic-development function. Apparently Neville is planning to run for state auditor. We’ve never understood exactly what the state auditor is supposed to do. Seems like current auditor Adam Edelen would have looked at Arena Authority finances, but never did. Maybe at the whole investment scandal behind the pension crisis, but never did.

His predecessor spent years looking at the Passport Health Plan and the few thousand bucks they wasted on limos. Set the bad behavior aside, Passport has always been super efficient. Hard to understand where politics end, and the interests of taxpayers begin.