Do502 listings service launches Wednesday

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 1.36.06 PMWhat’s happening this weekend? Who has half-priced bottles of wine tonight? Where are all the cool kids going to be? Media outlets around town have tried their damnedest to collect listings and proclaim themselves the be-all-and-end-all source of community information.

Some have succeeded (relatively speaking), others have failed. Compiling listings takes a tremendous amount of manpower, and that manpower has been downsized at just about every outlet in town. Cue Do502, a new event listings operation that launches here Wednesday.

Brought to Louisville by Jeffrey Smith of Crash Avenue and Lizi Hagan of Production Simple, the site is an offshoot of DoStuff Media, which owns and operates listings sites in other cities around the country (there are 15 to date). The unique thing about Do502 is that you can add your own event to the mix, and you can search by venue and type (music, arts, sports, food/drink, happy hour, etc.). Borrowing an aspect from Facebook, you can also see who is attending each event if they’ve signed up and registered.

(Disclaimer: Insider Louisville has partnered with Do502 and soon will be running listings on our site, tailored to what we believe our audience is interested in. Stay tuned…)

Humana vehicleHumana again rolling into Miss. to sign up people

One of the most unlikely parts of the Affordable Care Act rollout was that there were 36 counties in Mississippi where the citizens had absolutely no access to enroll, as no insurance carriers there offered this coverage.

Louisville’s Humana saw an opportunity and took the highly unusual step of making two wireless-enabled, promotional vehicles to travel through these areas, both talking up the plans and enrolling people on the spot. They called it the “Covering Mississippi Tour.”

It was surprisingly successful, says Stacey Carter, whose official title is the Humana-Mississippi Market Leader, and by the time the signup period ended, some 50,000 Magnolia Staters had Humana ACA plans. And Humana’s vehicles logged some 14,000 miles, making stops at churches, parking lots and gas stations. “No other insurance carrier went to market this way,” she told IL.

Not surprisingly, these 36 counties were among the poorest in Mississippi, in the southwestern part of the state and in the famed but impoverished Mississippi Delta, making them among the poorest in the nation. Many of the enrollees were from 18-to-30 years old.

Humana declined to say how much money the insurer made from last year’s signup efforts.

This year Humana plans to go back to Mississippi, with one vehicle this time, but continue to barnstorm the state, to once again educate people and sign them up.

Carter said much work remains on educating the public about the Affordable Care Act, comparing it to Medicare Part D, which launched in 2005 and took a couple of years for people to truly understand.