Jim King

Jim King

The Metro Council is expected to elect a new president to fill the position of Jim King, who passed away last week after a two-year battle with cancer, at tomorrow’s meeting. And shortly before that meeting is the deadline for prospective candidates to submit their resumes to the council clerk to fill King’s open seat as the 10th District council member, with the body set to vote on that replacement sometime in the next few weeks.

Insider Louisville has learned that the race for council president on Thursday is expected to be between Councilman David Tandy, D-4, and Councilwoman Marianne Butler, D-15. While the Democratic Caucus is expected to split loyalties between Tandy and Butler, council sources tell IL at least several of the council’s nine Republicans are expected to throw their support behind Tandy, which would swing the election his way.

The deadline for individuals to submit their resumes to fill King’s District 10 seat is 5 p.m. on Thursday. Metro Council Clerk Stephen Ott tells IL that names of four prospective candidates who have submitted resumes as of this afternoon will not be released to the public until after that deadline. Otts says he didn’t feel comfortable making any of those names public until he was able to verify with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office that the candidates are eligible, had redacted certain personal information from their resumes, and submitted them to Metro Council after the deadline passes.

The council will have 24 more days to select their next colleague, though they could make that decision as early as next week. That person would fill the position through the end of this year, and an election will be held in November to determine who will fill District 10’s seat next year.

Jordan Kelch, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, tells IL that local party leadership will determine the nominees for the election this fall — as opposed to a traditional primary election — and will have until Aug. 11 to name nominees.

While Otts is not releasing the names of those individuals who have submitted resumes, IL has learned the names of two individuals who have done so: Former longtime Alderman Steve Magre and Michael Meeks, the brother of state Rep. Reginald Meeks.

Rob Holtzman, who served as campaign manager for both Jim King and his daughter, Judge Katie King, over the past decade, tells IL he is running Magre’s campaign. Holtzman says Magre — who served on the Board of Alderman from 1979 to 2003 — was a mentor to him and has the experience needed to fill King’s position.

Meeks tells Insider Louisville he also has the experience for the position, citing his career with the Legislative Research Commission, where he worked behind the scenes in the lawmaking process. He says King was an outstanding councilman and hopes the council makes their decision quickly so the district’s residents have representation going forward.

***** UPDATE 5:40 p.m. *****

The Courier-Journal reports that Marianne Butler has pulled her name from the running for council president and is supporting Tandy for president. Additionally, the entire Republican caucus will support Tandy, making his election all but certain.

In another twist to the District 10 race, Phillip Bailey reports that Pat Mulvihill of the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office has also submitted his resume for the District 10 seat. Mulvihill was Mayor Greg Fischer’s general counsel before moving his current job last summer.