Pet resuscitation kit. | Courtesy WLKY

While saving human lives is always the priority, a new piece of equipment is focusing on saving the lives of pets.

For families who survive a house or apartment fire, the loss of a pet is heartbreaking.

While some Louisville fire trucks and other agencies have the equipment to help animals, Louisville EMS didn’t.

“I saw a story on social media about LMPD’s K-9 unit officers getting a donation from this organization. So, I reached out to them to see if they’d be willing to help us out,” Major Erin Winter said.

Air For Paws sent 25 new resuscitation kits for their EMS mobile SUV units.

The national organization donates hundreds of the kits to first responders across the country.

The masks hook up to the medical equipment in the SUVs that supplies the oxygen.

While saving a human life is always the priority, the creator of the devices understands its important to save animals as well.

She made the devices in memory of her two dogs.

“There’s two sizes of masks, one for smaller animals and one for larger animals. Her claim to fame is that they’ll fit any animal from a hamster to a Great Dane so we can help any animal,” Winters said.

Metro Louisville EMS is on the list to receive more kits.