Two of three cofounders depart Interactive Media Lab

IMLheaderlogoRumors were flying last week about what was happening at Interactive Media Lab.

Here’s the scoop: Two of the three cofounders have left the 20-year-old multimedia production company (the three principals have worked together even longer than that). Resumes from IML employees are hitting the desks of several other local agencies. And sources close to IML say there were market factors involved in the departures, but there also were internal factors involved.

Let’s just say it was a bad breakup, and some of the firm’s 12 employees are going to be out of jobs soon. 

In the wake of all that, the remaining founder, CEO Matt Foster, has decided to streamline the business and narrow its focus. He tells IL that with video production becoming more widely available and affordable, it doesn’t make sense for IML to hang onto that part of the business. He says their old “soup to nuts” business model doesn’t work anymore, “and we acknowledged that.”

The new IML will focus on the development and programming aspects of the business — still mainly in the B2B model. That has always been the most profitable part of the business, Foster says. With clients that include Hilliard Lyons, Yum! Brands and Humana, Foster says IML has been doing “amazing, amazing” things. But he acknowledges it’s been a pretty tough year.

It will take some time to retool IML, but Foster says they have a lot of work lined up. They’ll continue to serve most of their existing clients (full disclosure: IL is one of those clients).

60 West Bistro & Martini Bar is closing; Boombozz will take over

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.16.17 PMThe 60 West Bistro & Martini Bar on Shelbyville Road closed for good on Saturday with a shindig that included regular patrons, former employees and — what else — $5 martinis.

Charles Knieriem, who opened the spot as Cafe Emilie in 2002,  announced the news in a Facebook post.

“We have had ups and downs, lessons learned and lessons lost, friendships gained and friendships ruined, but most of all an amazing amount of memories and experiences,” he wrote.

Knieriem also announced that construction was beginning this week on a renovation to turn 60 West — at 3939 Shelbyville Road — into the “flagship” Tony Boombozz Pizza and Taphouse. They’ll do a complete remodel, “featuring an expanded patio with open-air doors and a larger bar area showcasing 26 local and regional craft beers,” he wrote.

Expect a mid-April open.