Louisville’s restaurant industry continued to flourish in 2016, with new concepts opening and existing ones expanding. However, that meant competition for the almighty dollar and for quality employees, too, forcing some restaurants to close.

Mainly, readers wanted to know which establishments were opening and closing. Here are Insider Louisville’s Top 5 restaurant articles of 2016:

Joella’s owner asks Louisville chef to apologize for review, threatens lawsuit

A blog review slammed Joella’s Hot Chicken. | Courtesy of Joella’s Hot Chicken

This quarrel seems to be water under the bridge, but for about a week, it was the talk of the local restaurant industry.

It all started after local restaurant owner Griffin Paulin posted a scathing review on his blog of another local restaurant Joella’s Hot Chicken. The author apparently used the pseudonym Marcus Weston, leading some to question whether Paulin himself wrote it. Paulin repeatedly denied it.

Joella’s founder, Tony Palombino, threatened to file a lawsuit if Paulin didn’t apologize, drawing more attention to the review.

In the end, the two parties simply moved on. Palombino focused his attention on expanding Joella’s and Paulin opened his first solo venture Mirin.

Cincinnati restaurant soaring into the Highlands, landing in El Camino space

This bald eagle was painted on a brick wall inside the restaurant. | Photo by Caitlin Bowling

This news was a two-for-one, with one restaurant closing and another taking its place.

The Eagle debuted on Bardstown Road on Election Day, after several months of renovations and received a positive review from IL’s Kevin Gibson.

IL is still waiting to hear where El Camino will end up. The business has an agreement to open somewhere in Germantown, but co-owner Shawn Cantley’s tongue is tied by a nondisclosure agreement.

Who knows, maybe that news will top the most-read list in 2017.

This company now owns Lynn’s Paradise Cafe

No surprise here that the fate of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe made the cut.

The long empty restaurant space was a mecca for locals and visitors alike before it closed more than three years ago. Nearby business owners were happy to find out that owner Lynn Winter finally sold the property.

Winter received a cool $1.5 million for the lot, and now, the building will get a new life as Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint. The small Tennessee-based restaurant chain is expected to open in the Barret Avenue location in fall 2017.

 A sneak peek at Texas Roadhouse’s sports restaurant chain Bubba’s 33

Bubba’s 33, a new sports bar concept by Louisville-based Texas Roadhouse, opened its first local location in Clarksville. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Louisville-based steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse is hoping to find success with a second restaurant concept Bubba’s 33.

The sports bar concept is a casual dining restaurant with burgers, pizzas, beer and televisions. It has a bar for people who want to hang out and watch a game, as well as a traditional dining room where families can eat.

Texas Roadhouse has about a dozen Bubba’s 33 stores operating in the United States, but it opened its first regional location in Clarksville, Ind., in early 2016. Louisville residents will have to cross the new bridge to get a taste as there’s been no public discussion about opening a Louisville location anytime soon.

Germantown Craft House closes unexpectedly, will reopen in 2017 as unnamed fast-casual concept

This news rose through the most-read ranks in just a week.

According to comments on Facebook, readers weren’t surprised by the sudden closure of Germantown Craft House. Commenters suggested that its menu was too pricey for the neighborhood and its craft beer selection faced competition from Monnik Beer Co. and Four Pegs.

The restaurant owners will reopen the building in 2017, but as a fast-casual restaurant called Devil’s Due. The average ticket for Devil’s Due, not including alcohol, is estimated to be $10 to $12 per customer.