Maya Deren

Maya Deren from her film “Meshes in the Afternoon” (1943).

Maya Deren was an experimental filmmaker in the ’40s and ’50s. She made many short avant-garde films that combined her various interests — like dance, voodoo and subjective psychology. She liked to get creative in the editing room as well, often using techniques like jump-cutting, superimposition and slow-motion to make the final product more surreal.

A local musical improv ensemble that goes by the name Narrow Ellipses is celebrating the works of Deren on Saturday night at Kaiju, the new spinoff bar concept from Dragon King’s Daughter. The show also serves as a fundraiser for ARTxFM — proceeds will go toward the construction of a broadcast tower.

This is only the second time Narrow Ellipses has performed. The collective includes more than 15 members of various Louisville bands and will perform during manipulated projections of Deren’s films. Players include Cher Von, Kirk Mattingly, Yoko Molotov, Scott Scarboro, Brian Manley, Ben Lally and more. Throughout the evening, the lineup and instrumentation will continually change.

Opening the show will be electronic experimenters Flanger Magazine, and closing will be punk-rockers Opposable Thumbs.

Kaiju is located at 1004 E. Oak St. Admission is $5, and the show starts at 8 p.m.