“There are so many GOOD stories to tell about Louisville,” Mike Mountjoy, Chair and CEO of the Gheens Foundation said recently in a meeting with Insider Louisville staff.

Mountjoy, along with foundation President Barry Allan and grants administrator Kathy Knotts – was discussing the recent move Insider Louisville had made to become a nonprofit news organization and ways in which the two organizations might work together.

There had long been talk at Insider Louisville about creating an area within the publication that could be used to highlight positive movements throughout the area and the stories of the people doing this work, but with interest from the Gheens Foundation in helping fund the creation of these types of stories, this now seemed possible.

And with that, Insider Amplify was officially born.

“Insider Louisville believes that for Louisville to remain a thriving city, it must attract and maintain people who feel driven to be active and involved in their community,” says Insider CEO Tom Cottingham.  “And those people need to know what is happening in their community – both the challenges and shortfalls, but also the positive work that is being done and who is doing that work. Insider is this source of information.”

The focus

It is with that mission in mind that Insider Amplify will launch in January 2019, initially focused solely on telling the stories of lesser known non-profit organizations in the region.

“So many nonprofits doing quality work cut marketing budget or never even plan for a marketing budget so that they can push every penny back into the cause,” Insider’s head of corporate engagement, Brian Eichenberger explains. “The irony is that they often then struggle for support because the general public is unaware of what they are accomplishing. Amplify can help solve this problem.”

Generous foundations, companies and individuals can contribute to the Amplify Project and create a way for the word to get out about these organizations and for support to be rallied.


To kick off the first round of stories for the Amplify Project, Insider returned to the Gheens Foundation who provided a list of organizations they had encountered in recent grant applications.

“The stories we were hearing are just incredible,” continues Eichenberger. “I have been working around Louisville non-profits for a decade and still hadn’t heard of most of the entities they mentioned. There were stories about helping vets, educating kids, and building neighborhood infrastructure. All of the organizations are small and agile but accomplishing real things. It’s hard to not get excited just talking about it!”

These are the stories the Amplify Project will begin to tell through Insider Louisville beginning January 2019. The Gheens Foundation has kicked off a first round of funding, but continuing this type of storytelling will take contributions from other foundations and organizations.

“We are continuing to look for partners to expand this into a weekly part of the publication,” says Eichenberger. “And once the storytelling about non-profits is funded, we can focus the Amplify Project on other areas, too. There are positive untold stories surrounding the arts community, the strong universities we have in this town, the entrepreneurs that are doing groundbreaking work. There is quite a list of ways to expand this. We just need the community support in the form of funding.”

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