Cahoots was one of many bars that line Bardstown Road, but it garnered a reputation for being at the center of fights and crime. | By Caitlin Bowling

The new tenant at 1047 Bardstown Road is hoping to wipe away the memory of troubled Cahoots bar with a new bar and restaurant concept called Club Nirvana.

“We are hoping to do a great job there,” said Kashmira Singh, owner of Kashmir Indian Restaurant at 1277 Bardstown Road. “It will be upscale, casual atmosphere targeting millennials.”

Singh has successfully run Kashmir in the Highlands for nearly 20 years without complaints, he said told Insider Louisville. His family also runs Time & Space, a bar next to Kashmir.

“Having a good clientele is the key,” Singh said. “I always thought it’s up to the business person who he wants to cater to.”

Cahoots shut down last year after the Louisville Metro Department of Codes and Regulations refused to renew its liquor license. The refusal came after complaints from Louisville Metro Police Department and the Original Highlands Neighborhood Association.

“With violence occurring in or near its premises on a regular basis, overcapacity crowds, and evidence of drug use and/or traffic inside the establishment, its continued operation creates an ongoing hazard to the physical safety of our residents, their families, and their homes,” the letter signed by the association’s board stated.

Although Cahoots’ past presents a challenge, Singh said, he believes he can turn the building around. “We want to make it look good,” he said, describing the Club Nirvana concept as upscale and clean.

First thing’s first: The building will be given a facelift during the next six to eight weeks, Singh said, placing the tentative opening sometime in March.

“The place is really dirty, and there has never been any maintenance done,” he said.

When it opens, Club Nirvana will employ eight to 10 people and have a dance floor, a new bar, a space for live music and a seating area for customers to eat and drink. Singh said his brother Yogesh Kumar Pal, who’s in his mid-30s, will manage the bar and restaurant with Singh’s 25-year-old son.

Club Nirvana will serve midpriced bar food. The menu is still in development, Singh said, but will include vegan and organic options.

“I feel that is where the market is going, that is where people are going,” he said.

The bar will serve beers from local breweries and a good mix of bourbons, among other liquors and beers from national breweries.

The hours of operation aren’t set in stone, but currently, it’s looking like Club Nirvana will open for lunch at 11 a.m. and operate until 4 a.m. — if it is approved for a 4 a.m. liquor license.