Although it's located at Germantown Mill Lofts, Flex Appeal is open to the public. | Photo by Caitlin Bowling

Although it’s located at Germantown Mill Lofts, Flex Appeal is open to the public. | Photo by Caitlin Bowling

A fitness center at an upscale apartment complex is nothing new, but Flex Appeal at Germantown Mill Lofts isn’t just for the residents.

Since opening earlier this year, the business has faced some confusion from resident of Germantown Mill Lofts apartments and outsiders. Flex Appeal, which offers workout classes, personal training and occupational therapy, isn’t free for residents, but they do get a discount, said owners Dustin Harryman and Tina Ray. And anyone, no matter where they live, can get a membership, take a class or access the gym’s trainers and therapists.

The pair together opened Flex Appeal in Germantown Mill Lofts after two principals with Underhill Associates — the company that developed the apartment building — played business matchmaker. Seeing an opportunity, Jeff Underhill, Harryman’s client, and Todd Underhill, Ray’s clients, introduced the two and proffered rental space in Germantown Mill Lofts as a suitable site for Flex Appeal.

Ray has worked as an occupational therapist since graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in 1989. She worked for Baptist Health and nursing homes but started her own private practice 24 years ago.

“I never really saw patients get better,” Ray said of working at the nursing homes and in the hospital system. Whereas at Flex Appeal, it is full service — she can see patients come in and improve their health. “They come in with an injury, we heal them, and then they start working out.”

Harryman, a former graphic designer, quit his job in 2010 to become a personal trainer, opening a gym at Butchertown Market, 1201 Story Ave.

“I got more out of helping people lose weight or train,” said Harryman, whose run multiple marathons and completed the Ironman in Louisville in 2009.

Harryman still operates his gym in Butchertown, and Ray also has started teaching classes there. Anyone with membership to Flex Appeal can utilize the Butchertown gym as well, and vice versa.

Harryman and Ray also have contracted with others, including a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a certified fascial stretch therapist and fitness instructors, to offer additional services at Flex Appeal. They use the space as a place to meet with clients, Harryman said.

A monthly gym membership cost $30 for Germantown Mill Lofts residents and $40 for nonresidents. Unlimited monthly classes cost $90 a month for residents and $110 for nonresidents. Massage therapy and acupuncture are $65 per session; one-on-one personal training sessions cost $60 each; and occupational therapy sessions are $80 each.

They try to keep their fees affordable, Harryman said, noting that massage therapy and acupuncture in particular can cost more depending on where you go. The highest price doesn’t necessarily translate to the highest quality.

“We want it to be affordable for everyone,” he said.

In many cases, Ray added, people can pay for or cover some of the cost of occupational therapy using their health insurance. Depending on the health insurance and an individual’s need, some policies also cover other types of therapy as well.

Check it out:

Flex Appeal is hosting an open house from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 23, at its space in Germantown Mill Lofts. There will be snacks, demonstrations, discounts and music.