Garage Bar's "The Clark Griswold" | Courtesy of Four Roses

Garage Bar’s “The Clark Griswold” | Courtesy of Four Roses

Nine original cocktails made with Four Roses bourbon all within walking distance? Where do we sign up?

Actually, signing up isn’t even required. Just head over to NuLu and visit some of the nine bars participating in the second annual NuLuDays Holiday Cocktail Challenge. The contest pits bar against bar to see who concocts the tastiest holiday-inspired cocktail using Four Roses’ yellow label.

The participating bars and restaurants are Against the Grain, Decca, Feast BBQ, Garage Bar, Harvest, Haymarket Whiskey Bar, Royals Hot Chicken, Rye on Market, and Taj.

Taj's "Market Maple Smash" | Courtesy of Four Roses

Taj’s “Market Maple Smash” | Courtesy of Four Roses

Last year, we sampled some amazing creations from some of Louisville’s best bartenders, and by the looks of this year’s entries, they might have stepped it up a notch.

The winners actually are selected by you, the imbibers of the cocktails. So from now until Saturday, Dec. 3, you’re supposed to pick your favorite, take a picture of it and then post it to social media with the hashtag #NuLuDays and tagging Four Roses Bourbon.

Winners will be announced the week of Dec. 5, and first place gets $500, a signed bottle of Four Roses, and a signed barrel head as well.

Below are the names of each bar’s cocktail.