After a few days of heavy hinting, the owner of the Frankfort Avenue noodle shop Mirin has revealed his plans to add a second location.

“It’s true, we are opening a 2nd Mirin in downtown New Albany,” owner Griffin Paulin posted on Facebook.

Insider reached out to Paulin multiple times for comment but did not hear back.

The restaurant’s Facebook page shared an Instagram post on Dec. 10 from the account Mirin New Albany that simply states “February 1, 2019?”

In his Facebook post on Friday, Paulin noted that he hopes to open the New Albany Mirin that day in the space currently occupied by Roadrunner Kitchen, 145 E. Main St. Roadrunner Kitchen will move to a new location, he said.

Griffin Paulin shown cooking at a pop-up dinner event. | Photo by Steve Coomes

“We are setting a goal of February 1st for an opening date. This is ambitious and may not happen. Please don’t hold us to this date. There is much to be done, but we have hit the ground running,” Paulin wrote.

Jon Kaelin will lead the kitchen in New Albany as executive chef. Paulin called him “a tank and way talented.” Meanwhile, the “quite handsome” Levi Crandall will manage the front-of-house operations.

“He brings necessary experience that Mirin needs to continue to grow and evolve,” Paulin said of Crandall.

Mirin’s executive chef Michael MacInnes will maintain that position at both restaurants, and David Passafiume will be sous chef of both.

“The menu will be similar to Mirin Louisville, but different. We haven’t finalized it yet,” Paulin wrote in the Facebook post. “But we’ve gone through enough menus at Mirin…. the actual food is honestly the last of our worries.”

Paulin concluded the post with an all-caps notice that Mirin is hiring.

Mirin opened at 2013 Frankfort Ave. in late 2016. Its menu includes a variety of noodle bowls and bao (dumplings), as well as regular specials.