Republican State Senate candidate Chris Thieneman has admitted to falsely certifying he lived at a Dixie Highway motel on election day in November 2011 in order to illegally cast a ballot in a precinct where he was not entitled to vote.

He also failed to get a duplicate drivers license within 10 days of an address change, a Class-B Misdemeanor.

Those items are the latest to be revealed in court documents as Judge Charles Cunningham issued a stay late Friday in the case involving Thieneman’s residency.

The case will likely continue beyond election day, and will mark the second time in the last three elections Republican candidates in the 37th District have thumbed their noses at the state’s residency requirement.

At issue is exactly where Thieneman resides.

Insider Louisville was the first to tell you the explicit details about Thieneman’s convoluted address trail that stretches from far eastern Jefferson County to southwest Jefferson County and points in between. Shortly afterward, a challenge was filed by resident Robert Walker II that claimed Thieneman lived in a condominium on Brownsboro Road.

Here’s the timeline of addresses Thieneman has given, either to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance or to the Kentucky Secretary of State:

May 2009: 2606 Alia Circle

September 2010: 4901 Fern Valley Road

August 2011: 5005 Old Federal Road

November 2011: 11905 Dixie Highway

January 2012: 7650 Dixie Highway

There is one remarkable fact that seems to be lost on everyone dealing with the residency case.

No-tell motel? 11905 Dixie Highway, site of the Riverport South Motel. One of Thieneman’s “residences.”

The address at 11905 Dixie Highway – the Riverport South Motel – would have been in the 37th Senate District if the results of the 2012 senate redistricting process not been thrown out by a Franklin County judge.

The proposed redistricting made current Senator Perry Clark ineligible to run for re-election, having drawn him out of the 37th district.

Insiders say the plan was for Thieneman to give the Riverport South Motel as his address, since it would have been in the 37th according to the new district map. That plan fell apart as the redistricting went to court. Once the district boundaries reverted to the “old” map, Thieneman scrambled to find another address within the “old” boundaries, hence the storage locker debacle.

Thieneman testified he has moved 13 times over the last 16 years. He also told the judge he is “not the smartest guy,” saying he hangs around with more capable people who help him make decisions.

There are still a small number of voters in the district who remain unmoved over the controversy, saying they don’t care where he lives. But the majority are having a hard time being convinced Thieneman is a bona fide resident of the 37th.

Judge Cunningham has ordered Thieneman turn over utility bills from his Brownsboro Road condominium and the Fort Locks “apartment” to determine his primary residence.

Until then, the election will proceed as scheduled.


KRS 116.035(2) states with respect to determining a voter’s residence, “a person shall not obtain a residence by being in a county or precinct for temporary purposes, without the intention of making that county or precinct his or her home;”

KRS 119.025 Wrongful registration. Any person who knowingly or fraudulently causes himself to be registered in more than one (1) precinct, or to be registered more than once, or in a precinct other than the one in which he is a legal voter, or who registers under any name other than his real name, or who gives a false address, or who in any manner causes himself to be registered when he is not legally entitled to register, or who makes a false oath as to his ability to read or write, or who knowingly or fraudulently aids, abets, counsels or advises in the commission of any such act, shall be subject to the penalties prescribed for Class D felonies.