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Here’s tomorrow’s news today.

Nucleus Innovation Park officials will give the media and “other guests” a briefing Thursday on construction at the site. The event is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. at 201 E. Jefferson (at Floyd street), so the TV stations will have time to edit the big story for the evening news cycle.

The event will include an update on construction progress for Phase One of Nucleus Innovation Park at Market Street on the site of the old Haymarket, according to a Nucleus media alert.

Construction crews have been on site for more than a month, working on what will be an eight-story, 180,000-square-foot building, which is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2012.

In various and sundry releases, U of L officials have put the value of the building at $18 million, just part of an ambitious economic development project that is supposed to run for blocks on the east side of downtown. And we have to admit that seeing the site under construction makes it easier to understand the scope of change coming to Market and Floyd streets.

Mayor Greg Fischer and University of Louisville President James Ramsey will participate in the news conference, welcoming ceremony and open house for six new tenants.

Nucleus has sort of loped along since 2008, so we long ago lost track of the list of tenants.

Looking back, back into time via Google, it appears six or seven tenants had signed letters of intent last summer, and three more have “expressed interest” in moving into the building. This is from back in July:

The International Center for Long Term Care Innovation, a project initially funded by Signature HealthCARE and Nucleus, will occupy about 20,000 square feet of the 180,000-square-foot building. University of Louisville researchers and others will use the space to develop and commercialize new products and services for the aging. Signature HealthCARE, which operates senior living facilities, moved its headquarters last year to Louisville from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. “We’ve already filled our two existing business incubators, Med Centers 1 and 3,” said UofL President James Ramsey. “This building will provide much-needed space for more innovation to blossom in our community.”

Fischer, Ramsey and Nucleus CEO Vickie Yates Brown will present plaques and proclamations to the companies who have moved into the former MedCenter 3 building, according to the release. They will also discuss Nucleus’ role in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in Louisville. Nucleus is an arm of the University of Louisville Foundation.

In news releases last summer, Nucleus officials stated the Nucleus Innovation Park-Jefferson Street (formerly MedCenter 3) is nearing capacity. About 130 employees now work in the building, according to a release.

Here’s the list of current MedCenter 3 tenants:

  • Advanced Energy Materials Inc. Creating nanowire-based materials and processes for the renewable energy industry
  • Kentuckiana Medical Reciprocal Risk Retention Group. Provides liability insurance for medical professionals with UofL Physicians, UofL Hospital and the university’s medical and dental schools.
  • LifeTouch Technologies LLC. Produces a transparent film that can be applied to hard surfaces to help control the spread of infections associated with health care.
  • Louisville Bioscience Inc. Developing a blood test to diagnose cancer, automimmune disorders, infections and other diseases.
  • PGXL Laboratories. Performs genetic testing to help physicians identify and chart effective treatments for their patients.
  • Pharmaron. Offers research and development for the pharmaceutical industry in chemistry, biology, toxicology and other disciplines.
  • PRFusion. A public relations firm specializing in technologies such as search engine optimization, social media engagement and digital brand management.
  • Regenerex. Perfecting a bone marrow transplant that has the potential to cure sickle cell disease and successfully treat other diseases and genetic disorders.
  • Synergy/Dev LLC. Designs custom software for health and medical record-keeping at acute care clinics, pain management centers, pharmacies and other businesses.
  • The Company Leader. Uses a proprietary scientific method to match former military personnel with careers in Fortune 1000 companies.
  • The Iasis Group Inc. Owns and operates a cancer radiation treatment center and manages a chemotherapy treatment practice at Jewish Hospital-St. Mary’s Hospital.
  • TNG Pharmaceutical. Formed by MBA students at UofL’s College of Business, this company developed FlyVax, a patented vaccine that protects cattle from parasitic horn flies.
  • University Physicians’ Associates. Delivers care in 78 medical specialties from pediatrics to geriatrics. Its physicians also are professors and researchers at UofL’s School of Medicine.
  • Edumedics. (expected to move into building in September) Offers customized management programs designed to improve employee health and control health care costs.
  • International Center for Long Term Care Innovation (InnovateLTC). A business accelerator for companies developing services and products to improve quality of life for the aging.
  • MetaCyte Business Lab. A UofL Foundation subsidiary that helps UofL scientists and inventors commercialize their discoveries and build their businesses.
  • Nucleus. A UofL Foundation subsidiary that links the university with the business community to advance economic development in the city and region.
  • UofL Office of Technology Transfer. Helps UofL researchers move their innovations from the lab to the marketplace through patents, licenses and intellectual property agreements.
  • GLI’s EnterpriseCORP. Entrepreneurship-development arm of Greater Louisville Inc., providing education and fund raising assistance to entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana. Offers education and support for people with sickle cell disease and their families and works to build public awareness of the disease.

Nucleus also leases the former MedCenter 1 building at Jackson and Broadway – renamed Nucleus Innovation Park-Broadway.