A new mobile application is looking to reel in outdoorsmen.

GoWild allows hunters and anglers to log their catches and kills, post photos, communicate with one another and find food recipes. Users also can share favorite hikes and camping spots or talk about other outdoor-related hobbies such as paddling or smoking meat.

OOHology creative director Brad Luttrell, also now CEO of GoWild, founded the application because he was “tired of the anti-hunting politics and hunter harassment,” according to GoWild’s website.

“But GoWild is so much more than just a safe space for hunters and anglers to have their own version of Facebook — that’s not enough. We built something new and unexpected. Something fun. Something that will bring people back time and time again,” Luttrell states on the website.

In its advertising, the new application calls out other social media platforms on which hunters’ posts have been removed or they’ve received derogatory comments for hunting.

“No B.S. No politics. Just good ol’ wholesome conversation about what drives us — hunting, fishing and exploring the wild,” the website states.

GoWild’s co-founders include Donovan Sears, GoWild’s chief product designer and a senior designer at OOHology; Zack Grimes, GoWild’s chief analytics officer; and Chris Gleim, its chief development officer and director of application development at Creative Strategies.

The application was programmed to learn from its users. Based on the user’s profile and posts, it will recommend individualized content such as relevant social media posts or hunting tips based on the user’s skill level.

“The app gets smarter with every submission,” Grimes states on the site.

Users also can track the fish, deer, turkeys and other animals they snag on GoWild, which currently recognizes more than 50 species. The application will use a proprietary and patent-pending scoring system similar to traditional animal points systems based on kills and catches. The system is cross-applicable, so deer hunters can compare their scores, apples to apples, with someone who only fishes, for instance.

GoWild sells a T-shirt, GoWild-branded Yeti and a car decal, but it also hosts weekly giveaways for brands such as Vortex, with users having the chance to win fishing rods and reels, tactical knives, binoculars, range bags, wild game cookbooks and other gear.

The application became available on iOS on Sept. 8 and is expected do go live for Android this winter.