#OpenCoffeeLou 15 at Taco Punk

Author’s note: 10:52 p.m. Fixed a broken link and corrected the location of #OpenHack

There was something in the quality of light this morning that made me roll down my car windows during my drive to #OpenCoffeeLou at Taco Punk. It wasn’t all that warm at 8:30 a.m., mind you, but it sure was sunshiny and beautiful.

Greg Gorman moderated this morning’s meeting and brought that positive energy to the group.

As always, the meeting began with attendees introducing themselves, and Gorman asked us to share with the group something fun or interesting we’d done in the last week.

Most of the “fun or interesting” revolved around either family or the opening of the Big Four Bridge. Based on buzz, I don’t think there’s been a more universally well-regarded big development in Louisville since I moved here in 2006. Seriously, besides a few troubling concerns about accessibility, I’ve seen next to no hating on the Big Four. Speaking of the Big Four, you should check out the photography of Nick Roberts, an #OpenCoffeeLou-er since Day One.)

The only really newsy bit that came out of intros was that Gabe Sowder, owner of Taco Punk, let us know that Food & Wine Magazine was coming to NuLu tomorrow to check out the area’s restaurants.

A huge helping of announcements this time around:

Feb. 23 is the Code for America civic data Hack-a-thon with $10,000 prize money on the line. Teams will use open city data like restaurant scores and park information to create useful applications. There was a little bit of controversy behind the contest; as of this morning, the city stood to “own” whatever code is created during the Hack-a-thon. That means the city can sit on it and never use it, but also not allow the developers to go commercial with it. As the situation with this unfolds, we’ll keep you posted.

However, as this post was being written, Mayor Fischer’s Facebook page posted the following message. Congrats to all the Hack-a-thon-ers who rallied for the change in rules.

Wednesday is Louisville Digital Association’s monthly meeting. This month’s meeting features Grechen Huebner and Jon Mattingly of Kodable.

This Saturday is Open Hack Weekend Edition at LVL1 (update: it’s at iHub, not LVL1) from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m..

Speaking of our city’s beloved hackerspace, Lexington is about to have another makerspace  called Kre8Now. Their first meeting is Feb. 20. There’s another hackerspace in Lexington called Collexion, too. (So much novelty spelling in the hacker/makerspace world!)

Gorman brought up a group most people had never heard of: Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP). It’s a networking group for international professionals or for professionals in Louisville with international interests. They periodically plan trips abroad, and their next cultural awareness trips are to Turkey and Brazil. Check out their website for details.

Build Guild’s next meeting is Feb. 19 at the BBC Taproom on Main St.

The Lean Startup Circle’s next meeting is at 7 p.m. on Sun., Mar. 3. Check out their MeetUp page for more information and future meetings.

Haleh Karimi, a regular #OpenCoffee-er, couldn’t make it, but she sent us news that a new government website, RFP-EZ , enables you to more easily seek out RFPs and create bids for government projects.

On Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., the WordPress MeetUp is meeting at the iHub. The topic this time is eCommerce.

Kodable’s Huebner is launching a KidTech Summit on STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) and entrepreneurship. Are you an entrepreneur in a STEM field? Come teach and talk to elementary-aged kids on Mar. 23 at the Oldham County Library. Email Grechen for more information.

Greg Langdon told us that applications have opened up for Venture Sharks 2013, which is a two-round pitch / business plan competition a la television’s “Shark Tank.” It’s the closest thing we have to Lexington’s Awesome Inc.’s 5 Across competition. Venture Sharks is sponsored by Venture Connectors and will be in April and May.

The next New2Lou “Second Wednesday Social” is Wed, Feb. 13, at the Kentucky Center lobby bar at 5:30 p.m. My Louisville, Not Kentucky podcast will be there recording interviews with people who are both New2Lou and Old2Lou.

March 24-26 is the 2013 Kentucky Statewide Workshop on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, sponsored by the University of Louisville’s Conn Center.

April 4-6 the Berry Center will be hosting a conference celebrating the Wendell Berry’s seminal publication Unsettling of America. The three-day conference, called “From Unsettling to Resettling: What Will It Take to Resettle America?” costs $185. Tickets and information available here.

A reminder from your friendly Startup Weekend organizers: the event is Mar. 1-3. For more information click here and stay tuned to Insider Louisville. If you’re a restaurant or food vendor who would like to supply lunch for the event one day, email [email protected]!

To wrap up the meeting, Greg Gorman asked us if there was something we were struggling with that the group could help tackle. Here are issues we provided advice/encouragement/contacts for:<

  • Jin Lee and Chris Early, co-founders of startup Anacrusis Press, told us that the press had made it to the second round of a business plan competition but they were looking for help on how to calculate their social impact.
  • Stacy Servo of New2Lou asked for advice about scalability.
  • The Kodable folks said they’re still working through entry into school systems and finding master teachers to consult with on their kid-friendly app.

Are you a startup entrepreneur who needs advice, support, networking possibilities or just coffee on a Monday morning? Join us for #OpenCoffeeLou 16 next Mon., Feb. 18 at 8:30 a.m. at Taco Punk. Next time the moderator will be Deborah Boyer.

Quote of the day: “I quit education to go into the restaurant business. That’s how daunting education is.” – Gabe Sowder, owner Taco Punk.