Emma Brown, Tom Cottingham, John Receveur, Fred Ruffenach, and Scott Love at Open Coffee 5

“Potential is sexy” is a Deborah Boyer-ism. She was talking about the willingness of experienced people to mentor exciting young folks.

Open Coffee is evidence of that. Always a mix of entrepreneurial vets and newbies. Always a mix of people who have been attending since day one, and people who are there for the first time.

Twenty people, including a couple of newcomers, braved the cold to attend #OpenCoffeeLou 9 this morning. Chris Vermilion of Roobiq moderated the second #OpenCoffeeLou of 2013.

Vermilion has recently returned from a business trip to NYC where he met with advisors and potential investors in Roobiq and says he’s “getting used to asking for money.” He says it’s easy to be the “tech guy” and sit back and code and not worry about fundraising, but in a small startup, everyone needs to do everything (CEO Adam Fish recently returned from a parallel trip to San Francisco). He said the nicest compliment he got on his trip was, “Wait, you’re the tech guy?”

Roobiq will be rolling out a private beta version this spring and hopes to have a more public beta version in the fall.

Vermilion discussed the willingness of New Yorkers to be honest about bad ideas and to take bigger risks because there are more risks to take.

Tom Cottingham and Greg Langdon discussed IdeaFestival University. Session one of their “Pitch School” was attended by 5 enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Session two is Jan. 17 at 5:30 p.m. at iHub. Cottingham and Langdon encouraged attendees to participate and to consider teaching their own classes.

Nathan Anderson reported that 14 people came to last week’s Open Hack at the iHub. The next Open Hack is from 6-9 p.m. on Feb. 5.

Next #OpenCoffeeLou will be on Mon., Jan. 21 at 8:30 a.m. and will be moderated by Aaron Bacon of Moduet. Upcoming topics include the practicals (read: money) behind hiring a web developer and HR.