IMG_1444-Coffee-open-for-blogOK, we know it’s been all about the Kentucky Derby this week, and you’ve been scrambling to figure out what all of those numbers on the racing form actually mean. Here’s an insider’s tip: the third number in the column labeled ST indicates how much money you’ll lose by betting on that horse. The number in parentheses after the horse’s name tells you how many mint juleps you’ll need to drink to get over it.

Kentucky Derby notwithstanding, the Louisville startup community continues nonstop. In fact, Derby week in Louisville coincides with the accelerator application season. As it turns out, all of the top three accelerator programs in the Louisville area are accepting applications for their next group of startups right now. Each program has a particular emphasis, and you can learn more about them at Open Coffee on Monday.

We’ll have a panel with representatives from the three accelerators:

  • Tony Schy of Velocity – Velocity’s flagship business accelerator provides direct funding and mentoring for promising young companies through the critical early stages. The accelerator program is based on the Lean LaunchPad approach to building startup companies.
  • Lisa Bajorinas of Vogt Awards – The Vogt Awards are seed money grants from the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund, intended to help fund product development and commercialization of ideas for tangible, manufactured products. The program includes access to cutting-edge prototyping equipment, as well as mentors and intensive training.
  • Daniel Johnsen of XLerateHealth – XLerateHealth helps early-stage, enterprise-focused healthcare companies build out their commercialization strategy, including their intersection with hospitals, ACOs, nursing homes, home health and group practices, and customers. Participants engage in an intensive 12-week immersion program which helps them prepare their product/service for commercialization, and connects them with beta-site partners to gain real-time feedback and experience with potential customers.

During Open Coffee we’ll learn more about each of the accelerator programs, including:

  • The types of businesses and ideas that can qualify for each program.
  • The amount and type of funding provided by each accelerator.
  • The history of each accelerator, and some of its notable alumni.
  • The specifics of the program itself – what’s provided to, and what’s expected of each participating company.
  • Some of the mentors and business partners for each accelerator.

By next week all of the lost bets and $10 mint juleps will be old news, so join us at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 5, at iHub to be a part of the conversation. Thanks again to Heine Bros for the coffee, and to Nucleus for letting us use their iHub facility.

Open Coffee Louisville

8 a.m. Monday
iHub, 204 S. Floyd Street
Free parking: in the Nucleus lot between Preston & Floyd, enter from Floyd St.
Twitter: @startupLou