Papa-Johns-Internal-Communications-AppHomegrown pizza mega-chain Papa John’s has selected homegrown and fast-growing communications tech company Red e App to provide its platform for mobile workflow communication with its corporate managers.

This will allow managers of more than 600 locations to share files and communications across their mobile devices through a secure channel. Eventually, Papa John’s will expand these capabilities to franchises.

“Red e App allows us to communicate the right data at the right time with a simple solution,” Edmond Heelan, Papa John’s VP of Global Operations Support and Training, said in a news release. “For the first time, we’ll be able to communicate in real-time to all regional and local corporate managers.”

Red e App already works with restaurant giants including Texas Roadhouse (also a Louisville company) and Boston Market Chicken. At Seminole Gaming, the company uses Red e App from HQ brass all the way down to kitchen staff and servers. They use it to coordinate schedules, trade shifts, explain new products, issue menu changes, etc.

“Papa John’s has always been an innovative and forward-looking company,” says Red e App CEO Jonathan Erwin. “We are excited about this partnership for the immediate and long-term operational value it provides to them.”

Red e App is available for iOS, Android and on the web.