Phase 2 of the fall activation of ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build is quickly coming together for a Sept. 8 launch. A crew of volunteers, mostly from digital design firm Forest Giant, were fast at work grooming the AstroTurf 5-a-side soccer pitch with rubber pellets Friday morning as  metal workers from Core Design prepared the many shipping containers for alternative uses.

Executive Director Patrick Piuma, co-founder and director of City Collaborative and director of the Urban Design Studio at the University of Louisville, took a break from painting shutters to give IL a brief tour of the space.

Heine Brother Coffee dropped off its Airstream trailer to the space as we watched. There will also be at least two shipping container bars on site. A container shaped like a boom box will serve food, Piuma said, hopefully.

Looming over the middle of the space is a structure two containers wide and two containers tall. This is the Forest Giant installation. It will serve as a workspace, a community space and a gallery. “It will be like the Urban Design Studio for ReSurfaced,” Piuma said.

The soccer field will soon be surrounded by netting and lit, as will the rest of the area, by Falls City Lighting. Unique to this pitch, the goals will be made from shipping containers.

There are containers for seating, a couple being prepped to make a stage and even one for storage. The space is surrounded by containers, some being repurposed, others “just to keep the noise down,” said Piuma.

The location is 319 S. Shelby, just a block and a half away from a Zero Bus circulator stop. The site will be open from Sept. 8 until Oct. 29, Thursdays and Fridays 5-10 p.m. and Saturdays noon-10 p.m. The programming for the site is still in the works.

This is the second phase of an 18-month activation of this site.