Misawa Hibachi & Sushi Bar is opening at 7931 Bardstown Road, just outside the Gene Snyder. | Photo by Caitlin Bowling

The owners of Misawa Hibachi & Sushi Bar want the forthcoming Japanese restaurant to be a bit like Misawa, Japan. Restaurants in the city, they explained, cater to the Misawa Air Base, which houses thousands of U.S. military members, by offering a slightly Americanized version of Japanese food.

“You don’t want to destroy the culture, but you want to add a little to satisfy the culture” the restaurant is serving, said Russell Porras, a physical therapist and a co-owner of the restaurant.

Porras and the co-owner Jerome Lopez, also a physical therapist, are passionate about Japanese culture and have traveled to Japan multiple times.

Russell Porras, left, and Jerome Lopez are two of the owners of Misawa Hibachi & Sushi Bar. | Photo by Caitlin Bowling

“We love Japanese food. We love sushi,” Lopez said.

Rodeleo See, their other business partner, has been a sushi chef for 18 to 20 years. See will run the sushi bar, while two other chefs have been hired on to cook hibachi dishes. It won’t be like most hibachi restaurants locally, however; no show is included.

Hibachi dishes are often pricey for that reason, Porras said. Their dishes will be cooked in the kitchen and cost $10 to $20. Sushi rolls will range from $5 to $11 per roll.

The menu is still being worked on but will be posted soon on the restaurant’s website.

The 80-seat restaurant, which is currently under construction, will feature a comfortable, minimalistic design, the owner stated, including some decorative items tied to Misawa, Japan. Soft music and lighting will create a calming atmosphere.

“We have so much to offer, not just the food but also the culture,” Porras said.

Misawa Hibachi & Sushi Bar, located at 7931 Bardstown Road, will open in February. The owners hope to open before Valentine’s Day.