is going in the former Palermo Viejo spot on Bardstown Road.

La Chasse is going in the former Palermo Viejo spot on Bardstown Road.

La Chasse to fill Palermo Viejo slot: Longtime Volare bar manager Isaac Fox will partner with chef Alexander Dulaney (Le Relais) to open La Chasse in October. The rustic French-Spanish restaurant will be located in the space last operated as Palermo Viejo at 1359 Bardstown Road.

La Chasse is French for “the hunt,” which Fox said reflects some of the game items (e.g. boar, venison) to be featured on the menu, as well as the countryside feel of the restaurant.

“We don’t want people to think of it as a French restaurant and associate it with haute cuisine or any of the white tablecloth snobbery that’s too common,” Fox said. “We want them to feel as though they’re walking into a country inn. It’ll be very relaxed.”

Yet he said the food and drink will be taken seriously and presented affordably.

“Alex will prepare some incredible food his way,” Fox said. “And I’ll be setting up the most aggressive craft cocktail program I’ve ever done.”

Fox said not to assume this means costly 10-ingredient cocktails.

“No, nothing overly complex, but the basics done really right,” he said. “Correct spirits selected, fresh juices squeezed, a fairly high-quality ice program and great glassware. It’ll combine elegance and simplicity.”

Au bon, monsieur Fox!

Go north, young fellers: I saw this bit in Manny & Merle’s Twitter feed the other day: “Manny & Merle plans expansion in Indianapolis. The Toe-Tappin Honky-Tonk features an award-winning menu of Southern/Soul cuisine & cocktails.”

Made a quick call to owner Tony Palombino to ask about when an M&M would open there, but I didn’t get a response by press time.

Anthony Lamas

Anthony Lamas

No Seviche in Nor’Com: The rumor that a new Seviche restaurant would be built in Norton Commons is just that. Chef and co-owner Anthony Lamas said he was approached by a developer who is building a site for a willing restaurateur. However, he said he’s reluctant to expand for now.

Meantime, he’s packing his bags for a weeklong trip to Columbia, where he’ll teach classes at the Universidad de La Sabana, an international cooking school there. Lamas said the reward for him will be future interns from Germany, South America and Europe headed to Seviche.

Italian Table opens in Clifton: At The Italian Table (2359 Frankfort Ave.), a combination cooking school and private dinner restaurant, held an open house last Friday during July’s Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop. Chef-owner Gina Stipo’s aim is to let diners experience a taste of Tuscany, where she lived, cooked and traveled for 13 years.

At the Italian Table is now open on Frankfort Avenue.

At The Italian Table is now open on Frankfort Avenue.

Dinners are for a maximum of 10 and cooked right before guests’ eyes in a room filled with Italian antiques and furniture (including a 300-year-old chestnut table) and designed to look like an Italian home.

To make reservations, call 883-0211.

Feeding time postponed at Le Moo: As reported by Insider Louisville, it looks like the opening of Le Moo, the swanky steakhouse creation of Kevin Grangier (owner of The Village Anchor Pub & Roost) is being pushed back a few weeks. No shocker there given the detail that’s going into the place. I’ve heard from numerous vendors who’ve visited that locals are in for a treat when the doors finally swing wide in early September.

Fontleroy’s delayed as well: Fontleroy’s owner-chef Allan Rosenberg was aiming for a late July opening, but despite the construction activity at the former Uncle Maddio’s location, the doors remain closed to hungry onlookers.

According to Rosenberg, a good helping of outdoor seating is planned for this “Southern gastropub,” so at least there’s quite a few weeks of favorable weather left for patio dining.

New bev boss post at 8UP: Clay Livingston is the new beverage manager at 8UP Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen. He replaces Sean Thibodeaux, who left several weeks ago. (No word yet on where he’s landed.)

Clay Livingston

Clay Livingston

Livingston tended bar at Mitchell’s Fish Market for eight years before becoming the head mixologist at the Intercontinental Hotel’s Southern Art Bourbon Bar in Atlanta in 2011. He returned to Louisville in 2014 and began working at Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar.

According to a news release, several of his drinks already on the menu at 8UP include the Kapu Mana, Smoke ‘n’ Heat, Fix is On, Angel’s Old Fashioned, and the Frozen Peach Bellini.

LocalsOnly, Meta hosting Aug. 20 jazz speakeasy night: If you haven’t gone to Meta, the uber-cool cocktail bar at 425 W. Chestnut St., because there’s no food to eat, now’s your chance to crush that excuse.

On Thursday, Aug. 20, LocalsOnly Louisville, a pop-up dining group, will provide “tacos and turnovers” while Carly Johnson and Craig Wagner pour on the jazz tunes.

If you’re not familiar with the pop-up dining trend, check out the article I wrote on LocalsOnly last month. Trust me, it’s fun, and I’d love to see more such culinary spontaneity happening here.

The event runs from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

2015's Four Roses Limited Edition

2015’s Four Roses Limited Edition

For Four Roses Bourbon fans: This year’s Limited Edition release bourbon (set for September) will not be from its single barrel line (obelisk bottle). The 2015 LE is a small batch (sort-of heart-shaped bottle) with huge flavor and uncommonly high proof (111.8 for a bourbon that normally comes in at 90 proof). I was at the distillery last week to interview its soon-to-be master distiller Brent Elliott, and he asked the silliest question of the day: “Anything you’d like to taste while you’re here?”

Well, when you’re in the FR lab, you do as the technicians do, right?

Just like all Four Roses Limited Editions, expect this one to be hard to find, especially since it’ll be the last special release made under the purview of current master distiller and legend, Jim Rutledge, who’s retiring Sept. 1.

Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly stated the neighborhood in which At The Italian Table is located; the private dining spot is at the corner of Frankfort and Ewing avenues in Clifton.