"Speed 3" by Gibbs Rounsavall

“Speed 3” by Gibbs Rounsavall

This summer, artist Gibbs Rounsavall was busy painting a mural commissioned by Access Ventures in the Shelby Park neighborhood. His inspiration for the colorful artwork came from a series he had been working on titled “Speed.” The vivid pieces explore the use of color and shape through concentric circles. Now, he’s revealing the “Speed” series at Revelry Boutique Gallery starting with an opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 7.

“Speed” will be on display through Dec. 2, says Revelry owner Mo McKnight Howe, who adds that she’s excited to host the hypnotic pieces in her gallery.┬áRounsavall is best known for his abstract, enamel paintings and is often inspired by the bold color and designs found in street art, as well as Barello textile arts.

"Speed 10" by Gibbs Rounsavall

“Speed 10” by Gibbs Rounsavall

Rounsavall says in his artist statement that he began the series as a peripheral project while he worked on other things.

“It was intended to be a quick, self-satisfying color exercise, but I found myself immediately engrossed in the possibilities and efficiency of these small studies,” he explains. “Most recently, their potential became more evident serving as inspiration for an 800-square-foot mural completed in Shelby Park.”

“Speed” runs Nov.7-Dec. 2 at Revelry Boutique Gallery, 742 E. Market St. The opening reception will be held Saturday from 7-10 p.m.