Paul Sizemore, Elizabeth Rounsvall and Gibbs Rounsvall | Photo by Access Ventures

Paul Sizemore, Elizabeth Rounsavall and Gibbs Rounsavall | Photo by Access Ventures

Access Ventures commissioned local artist and high school arts teacher Gibbs Rounsavall to paint the third mural the company has commissioned for the Shelby Park neighborhood. This mural is being painted on a building at the corner of Shelby and Oak streets, the future home of Scarlet’s Bakery.

The final design is “Sunshine & Shadow,” a mural formed of colorfully interwoven and concentric circles. The building was prepped by local volunteers, and now, Rounsavall is in the process of painting. The theme of the three murals is “Building Something Bigger Than Ourselves,” which was developed by the neighborhood association and local leaders.

The 750-square-foot mural represents connectivity and Access Ventures’ commitment to the neighborhood. Access Ventures says on its website: “The creative arts are often considered to be at the periphery of the community development process and only a minor player in regenerating neighborhoods. We believe the cultivation of smart, skilled, conceptually rich and beautiful art is essential for the health and development of individuals and communities.”

Prepping the wall.

Volunteers prep the wall.

Rounsavall is best known for his abstract geometrical enamel designs. He is the art department chair at Fairdale High School.

Access Ventures is an impact investment firm that invests in businesses that’ll have a positive effect on their communities and neighborhoods. It also is located in the Shelby Park neighborhood.