Type SLEIGHRIDEKY in your Lyft app for two free $10 rides. | Courtesy of Safe Ride KY

Some gifts can’t be wrapped in a tiny box with a pretty bow on top, but a simple gesture like paying for someone’s ride home after a party can be much more impactful — it can save lives.

For the seventh time now, Safe Ride KY is offering Kentuckians two free $10 Lyft rides through the holidays, from Dec. 21 through Jan. 1.

The campaign has given $20,000 for the cause, and all you have to do is open your Lyft app and type in SLEIGHRIDEKY in the Promos tab — while supplies last.

Safe Ride KY is a coalition of public, private and nonprofit companies with ties to the liquor industry, including the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of Kentucky, Independent Stave Co. and Buzick Construction.

Since its inception just a year ago, it has helped more than 5,400 potentially impaired drivers get a safe ride home. Safe Ride also recently won a prestigious Traverse Award from the Kentucky Travel Industry Association.