Lola D•Licious as the Purple People Eater | Photo by Dennis Ledford

Louisville has a wide swath of events just about every weekend, but on Saturday, Oct. 6, if you fancy bizarre, artsy and titillating experiences, you might want to peek behind the Art Sanctuary door as the inaugural Y’allerween Spooktacular gets underway.

Hosted by local burlesque performers Beatrix B. Naughty, Ethel Loveless and Lola D•Licious, the Halloween-themed event will blend the art forms of burlesque, boylesque and drag with performers from Louisville, Lexington, St. Louis, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. 

We hear you can expect kooky characters teasing, shaking and contorting on stage with the likes of Frankenstein, werewolves, pumpkins, cowboys, the Purple People Eater, Ozzy Osbourne and even dancing popcorn. Thirteen performers in all will entertain, and they’re expecting some audience participation as well.

Burlesque performer Ethel Loveless | Courtesy of Good Girl Gear

In fact, costumes are encouraged.

We wanted to get a few more details about the event, so we reached out to co-host Lola D•Licious — who, by day, goes by Carrie Foster — for a quick chat.

Insider Louisville: What can audiences expect to see at this event?

Lola D•Licious: Our shows are a little different from other shows in this neck of the woods. First, we combine burlesque, boylesque and drag. Often drag and burlesque are kept separate, but we love them both.

We also feature regional performers, not just local honey. Our mission is to put Louisville on the map in the bustling world of this modern burlesque revival.

IL: What exactly is boylesque?

LD: It’s just like burlesque only with male performers. Also, following suit with burlesque, these “boylesquers” have their own shticks (pun very intended). Some perform traditional style while others opt for comedic, campy routines.

We are huge fans of boylesque because it adds even more variety to the show.

IL: Was it difficult to round up performers from nearby cities?

LD: Not any more difficult than trying to organize any event with multiple performers and all their schedules. We travel around regionally to support or perform with other troupes and to compete. Along the way, we have fallen in love with many characters and developed good rapport.

Then it’s basically like asking friends to come help you throw a giant party! It never hurts the ol’ ego to be asked to be in someone’s show, either, no matter the proximity. Ethel Loveless is even planning a tour out West this fall, so we may even be featuring some Western flavor in the next Boots Off Burly Brawl Competition, scheduled for mid-spring 2019.

Ethel Loveless, Lola D•Licious and Beatrix B. Naughty at this year’s Boots Off Burly Brawl | Courtesy of Good Girl Gear

IL: What is it about burlesque that makes it a classic, enduring art form?

LD: A few things. Obviously, it’s sexy (people dig sexy stuff). It’s funny as hell, and not everyone knows that about burlesque. It is rooted just as much in comedy as it is in the striptease. We are having fun up there, and folks love to watch entertainers who are enjoying their craft.

These performers are doing it because they want to, because they love it and because they can, which is liberating, independent and provocative. Also, people will see every body type up there, all different ages, races, genders. It’s all-encompassing and body positive. We are out there waving our flag as much as we can, while we can, with the goal being permanent social acceptance for all walks of life.

The Y’allerween Spooktacular will begin at 9 p.m. (doors at 8) on Saturday, Oct. 6, at Art Sanctuary, 1433 S. Shelby St. Tickets are $20, $30 for VIP.