The future home of

The future home of ‘Noosh Nosh in Brownsboro Road Shopping Center | Photo by Steve Coomes

Anoosh Bistro chef and co-owner Anoosh Shariat will open a second restaurant, dubbed ‘Noosh Nosh, in late August. Located in the Brownsboro Road Shopping Center, the vacant strip center slot is in the former Four Seasons space, a convenient 100 yards behind the Bistro.

Shariat said he can’t decide whether his motive for opening a new casual dining spot is born of boredom or insanity, but he allows that “crazy is more like it.”

He said Anoosh Bistro has done well since its opening last fall, but its lone shortcoming is a lack of private party space.

“So when the Four Seasons location became available, that’s what we intended to do with it, use it for private events,” said Shariat, who owns the business with wife Paula Barmore. “But when we got inside and took a look, suddenly that idea turned into a whole different concept.”

‘Noosh Nosh will be a casual family spot serving a variety of small plates, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and protein entrees from breakfast through dinner.

“We really feel this area needs something for families to go to,” he began. “A place that’s easy to come, bring the kids, grab a bite, watch TV and have a beer and watch some games. It’s geared toward the neighborhood.”

‘Noosh Nosh also is designed to complement the other restaurants in the center: Gasthaus, the town’s lone German standard, Shady Lane CafĂ© and Anoosh Bistro.

Anoosh Shariat

Anoosh Shariat

“We want Brownsboro Center to be a food destination that provides multiple options,” he said. “This way we’re not competing against each other, we’re complementing each other.”

Though still in development, the menu will feature Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in a combination wood- and gas-fired oven. The Italian, stone-deck forno will blister personal-size pizzas in about 90 seconds, he said. It also will be used to bake bread, cook breakfast items and sear protein entrees.

“We really want it to be the centerpiece of our kitchen and get a lot out of it,” Shariat said. “I’m thinking of doing shirred eggs in it for breakfast. … Our bread will be just for our use there, not for sale.”

In addition to small plate choices (cured meat is certain, he said), expect simple fish and pasta preparations. Prices for appetizers should range from $5 and up, while entrees will top out at $20.

The location will seat about 100 and come with a full bar featuring local craft drafts and, of course, a good selection of bourbon and wine. There’s no firm opening date yet, but he believes construction will move quickly.

“We don’t foresee any problems there, but you never know,” Shariat said. “We’re comfortable saying August.”