Nick Huhn

This is something we at Insider Louisville think about and debate all the time: What is the true value of social media for a digital company?

IL gets a significant percentage of its traffic from Facebook. We gather news and share news via Twitter.

But is there some magic ROI formula to determine SM value?

Apparently Nick Huhn  at Bandy Carroll Hellige has it figured out – insights he’ll share tomorrow night at the monthly Louisville Digital Association meeting.

From the LDA website:

Ever wonder how to figure out what that Facebook Fan is worth? How do you value those 360 retweets you just got? Well, Partner have no fear! Nick Huhn of BCH will you show how the best in the business really talk about The value of Social Media. Nick and his merry band of troublemakers (Jay Garmon likely will make an appearance ) have prepared a look at how Social Media really fits into the current marketers arsenal. As always the food and soft drinks will be provided by Insider Louisville. (That would be us.)

Was our decision to build followers organically instead of juicing them the correct one?

We’ll find out tomorrow night.

The LDA event is scheduled for Wed, March 20 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the iHub.

The iHub is at 204 S. Floyd St., just west of the big new Nucleus building.

The event is free, but LDA organizers ask that you register here because this bad boy is likely to be standing room only.

 About Nick Huhn: Nick Huhn is the Digital Strategist and Consultant for Web Startups at Bandy Carroll Hellige advertising firm in Louisville.

About LDA: The Louisville Digital Association was founded by Jay Garmon, Jason Falls and others to further the digital future of Louisville and of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With its roots as the Social Media Club of Louisville, the Louisville Digital Association has expanded the conversation to trends on mobile, desktop web, entrepreneurship and technology in addition to social media.