A new brand of entertainment is coming to Louisville.

Dallas-based Main Event Entertainment is opening a nearly 50,000-square-feet entertainment center on Tuesday, March 22, complete with 22 bowling lanes, laser tag, a gravity ropes course, billiards and more than 100 arcade games. The center will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration from 3-7 p.m. that day for anyone who wants to attend.

“Our goal is to make sure we have a center, a fun destination where people of all ages can play fun games,” said Sherri Landry, vice president of marketing for Main Event, later adding: “It’s not simply a bowling place. It’s not simply an arcade. It’s more than that.”

Located at 12500 Sycamore Station Place, Main Event is for anyone ages 2 to 102, the company stated, and those 21 and older can imbibe at the entertainment center’s bar while playing games or eating. The center offers a menu of steaks, grilled salmon and burgers in the main dining area as well as gelato and specialty pizzas in its restaurant La Bella’s Pizza.

The Louisville Main Event features the company’s newest design. Changes include moving the ropes course above the arcade, making the laser tag course two levels and installing what is called ice-white bowling lanes, which Landry said look more modern.

Main Event also offers areas for corporate events, birthday parties and other private gatherings, including private rooms with full-service catering, free Wi-Fi and audio/visual equipment. The first corporate event Main Event will host is for Louisville-based Prodigy Construction Corp., the construction company that build the facility.

For children’s parties, Main Event offers six packages ranging in price from $15 to $20 per child. The packages feature bowling, arcade cards and various food options as well as other offerings.

Keeping in line with new technology, customers are given pre-paid, refillable cards they can swipe to play games and that track the points they earn, which can then be redeemed at the prize store.

Unlike some jobs that are all work and no play, Main Event employees are encouraged to play arcade games and mingle with customers. It employs about 160 people; however, that number will likely end up closer to 100 once the business settles in.

The Louisville Main Event is the company’s 25th location. It also will open centers in Albuquerque and West Chester, Ohio, by June.

The company said moving into the Louisville market was part of its bigger expansion plan. It looks as more than 40 attributes when deciding where to open next.

“We have a real estate strategy that looks at what locations have the type of households, growth that really works,” Landry said. “We found all that in Louisville.”

By the end of its fiscal year in June, Main Event will have opened seven locations during the year.

“Next fiscal year, we also have an aggressive growth plan,” said Landry. “We believe there is a need for play.”