Rainbow trout. Coming soon to the Flea off Market. Photo by WDCodyClifford.

Rainbow trout. Coming soon to the Flea off Market.

Insider Louisville received a curious message this week that led with the greeting, “Ahoy, maties!” You don’t hear that much around these parts.


Fishy indeed. The message was to announce that a new seafood supplier — or “fresh fish provider,” as the writer termed it — is in town and will make its first public appearance at Saturday’s Flea Off Market at 1007 East Jefferson St. The name of the new business is Louisville Fish Co.

Interestingly (fishily?), The website for Louisville Fish Co. goes to a Go Daddy parked site and the writer’s email address is a generic Gmail account, but Bizapedia.com lists the “registered agent” as Michael Hannon Tierney, a local writer who has penned a few stories for Insider Louisville in the past. (His LinkedIn profile lists him as vice president of the mysterious fish company.) Also, the snail-mail address is a private residence.


Whether Tierney is the mysterious email writer, who signed the message as “The Angler,” we cannot say. But this Angler fellow promises samples of honest-to-goodness Kentucky rainbow trout at the Flea Off this weekend, and that’s good enough.

louisville fishThe trout are currently swimming in pristine spring water flowing just south of Bardstown, Kentucky, and will be caught the day of the Flea-Off Market!!!” the enthusiastic Angler wrote in his message.

That’s fresh fish, all right. Swimming at 6 a.m. and frying by noon? Let’s hope that’s not just some fish story.

Further, the Angler promises that special guest Angela Caporelli of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture will venture to Louisville from Frankfort to be the guest cook.

You can pre-order trout by emailing the Angler directly at [email protected]com — he says supplies will be limited without pre-orders — and you can also stop by the Flea Off Market and learn about another Louisville Fish Co. specialty, paddlefish caviar, which should be available in a couple of weeks.

With a little digging, we learned that the Reynolds Grocery Co. in Clifton has been taking special orders on behalf of Louisville Fish Co. by way of a hand-written sign on a piece of wood since mid-January. Available seafood shown in a photo on Facebook were Kentucky spotted bass, channel catfish, tilapia and Australian red claws.

Sounds pretty delicious. Get to the Flea Off Market early for a sample of Kentucky rainbow trout before it’s all gone. The market is open Friday 4-10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.