FN_BFF-04-Bobby-Flay-restaurant_s4x3_lgWhere is Bobby Flay going?

One of the big mysteries of Louisville real estate might almost be solved.

We know Bobby Flay has been shopping sites for a new Louisville restaurant. But nobody seems to have any idea where he’ll put down stakes.

Downtown? NuLu? East End? The speculation has been unending.

An insider with knowledge of local real estate deals tells IL that Flay is about to choose the old Burger’s Market location on Grinstead Drive, next to Louisville Collegiate School and across the street from Cave Hill Cemetery.

Tyler Smith, principal and managing director of PRG Investments and the realtor for the property since the beginning of the year, wouldn’t confirm. But neither would he deny, exactly.

What he said was, “It could be possible. It would be a fantastic site for a restaurant. The neighborhood would love to have a nice restaurant there and would certainly support it.”

He said they do have a deal in the works for the property, in fact several things that are making everyone involved “ecstatic and excited.”

And he was willing to allow that “if Bobby Flay did choose that site, we think he’d be a great tenant.”

He explained that confidentiality agreements prevent him from saying anything definitive until the contracts are signed.

Smith told us back in March that a restaurant was a natural fit for the space, which had once been Myra’s Café, one of Bim Dietrich’s first Louisville restaurant ventures.

The property has been empty since March 2013, when the Burger family suddenly closed the popular food store – for “family and personal reasons,” Smith had said – and put it up for sale for $1.69 million.


And there it has sat. Not many buyers can or are willing to write a check that big.

But Flay can. The restaurant impresario, who also is a Food Network TV star, has had numerous successful ventures like Mesa Grill, Bar Americain and Bobby Flay Steak. His interest in Louisville speaks to the growing reputation the city is getting as a progressive culinary capital.

Come to think of it, another of Flay’s successful ventures has been Bobby’s Burger Palace. He’d barely have to change the sign.

Tyler Smith promised to confirm details on the Burger’s Market deal as soon as the ink is dry.