from Squeeze-bots facebook page

From Squeeze-bot’s Facebook page
(Photo by Amber Estes Thieneman)

At lunchtime today, the curious quartet Squeeze-bot will grace Louisville Metro Hall with its quirky stylings when they perform for the Mayor’s Music and Art Series.

According to Mayor Greg Fischer, via Louisville Metro’s website, the series is designed to be a “showcase for a diverse mix of performers and artists.”

In remarks before a previous performance, the mayor called Metro Hall “the people’s hall,” and informed the audience how excited he was to share “live local music” with them.

A local favorite since forming in 2006, Squeeze-bot fits the bill. It’s an unusual mix of instruments and musicians including Todd Hildreth on accordion, Mick Sullivan on banjo, Brandon Johnson on tuba, and Megan Samples on toy drums.

Their Facebook page claims they spend most of their sets “kickin new school jams,” but fans know that nothing is off limits as Squeeze-bot reinterprets tunes from all over the musical spectrum, with exciting results.

Squeeze-bot will join a long list of local favorites to have graced Metro Hall, including Justin Paul Lewis and Billy Goat Strut Review.

Upcoming artists in the series include Troubadours of Divine Bliss on March 6 and Small time Napoleon on April 13.

The Music and Art Series delights downtown audiences on the first Thursday of every month, doors open at 11:30 a.m. and music starts at 12:10 p.m.