blueskyJust about no one reading this article is the target market for the new website But everyone reading should take a look at it.

Blue Sky Case Management is a startup that connects quality case workers with Medicaid waiver participants living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). So unless you’re a case worker or know someone who is a Medicaid waiver participant living with IDD, Blue Sky Case Management has nothing to offer you — except a powerful message.

And that message was crafted by Pip Pullen and the team over at Mightily, possibly one of the edgiest brand creators in the city. He and the team did the work for Blue Sky Case Management pro bono.

Pullen says Blue Sky Case Management wanted a website portal to attract case workers to sign up with them. The subject matter was admittedly a challenge — most agencies’ instincts would be to make IDD pretty, make it palatable, blend it in.

Mightily did the opposite.

Their goal was to make people understand what the problem was. “We ignore these problems, pretend they’re not there,” Pullen explains. “How do we show that in a website?”

The key was to take this harsh message and make it beautiful, Pullen says — to create tension to “put people at dis-ease.”

Pullen worked on the “Possibility City” campaign back when he was at red7e, so he decided to play off that and explain the story sans filter — with beautiful words, haunting music and no images.

Mightily has done other pro-bono work, including the website and branding for the new Smoketown Artspace.

In other Mightily news, the company is getting ready for a move — not far, just upstairs from their current South First Street digs. Barry Wooley Designs is designing the space. The new location will only have one office, and only because HR materials are required to be kept behind a locked door.

Mightily is known for its democratic working environment; they don’t use titles, for example, they’re referred to by the order in which they joined the business (Pullen is No. 5). On the website, the employees are listed by height (which is a little wink to Pullen’s petite frame).

Blue Sky Case Management is currently participating in the XLerateHealth program that will wrap up on Oct. 30.

It’ll take you just a minute to review the single-page website, but it will stick with you — and that’s some powerful messaging.