BeshearA-202x202Andy Beshear leaves Louisville Arena Authority

Unnoticed and unreported, Stites & Harbison attorney Andrew Beshear has left the Louisville Arena Authority board apparently to focus on his campaign for Kentucky Attorney General.

The authority oversees the KFC Yum! Center.

We can’t find any mention of the changes in the Arena Authority meeting minutes, but it appears Mayor Greg Fischer appointed Jayshree Amin in March to replace Beshear. There was no announcement, and we only found out because a source tipped us off. And no, they didn’t know who Jayshree Amin is, either. All very curious…

green-building-2SuperfanU taking entire top floor of the Green Building

During the implosion of Greater Louisville Inc. under Craig Richard, Tendai Charasika, the charismatic leader of GLI’s EnterpriseCorp, put his money where is mouth is, abandoning the sinking ship for a startup.

A startup that appears to be doing very well. Sources tell us SuperfanU is taking the entire third floor of Gill Holland’s The Green Building at 732 E. Market St. in NuLu, the most prestigious startup address in town. SuperfanU is a smartphone application that allows sports teams for high schools on up to the pros to not only engage fans, but track their fannish ways and their activities.

The space was Holland’s headquarters for his various business enterprises, including music and film companies. But he started transitioning all his activities to his Compassion Building, the former Portland Christian School at 2500 Montgomery St.