MW-CT715_Quits0_20140909104219_ZHRecord number of people quit their jobs in July

We’re not 100-percent sure what this means, but MarketWatch seems to think it’s a good thing.

About 2.52 million workers quit their jobs in July — the most since June 2008. That’s about 10 percent up from 2.31 million a year earlier, according to the U.S. Labor Department. That’s a good thing because workers are increasingly confident there’s something better out there and are willing to pursue jobs rather than toughing it out.

That tidbit is part of a four-slide MarketWatch presentation on the rapidly improving jobs sector, with monthly hiring hitting its fastest pace since the the Great Recession started back in 2007.

An Aloft is one of three downtown hotels currently under construction.

An Aloft is one of three downtown hotels currently under construction.

Yet another downtown hotel planned?

Business First reported Louisville Forward Chief Mary Ellen Wiederwohl is teasing the imminent announcement of another downtown hotel. So we called all the usual suspects, and they were flummoxed.

Developer Steve Poe has the Aloft Hotel under construction at First and Main streets, and he told IL in July he is considering building two more downtown. But we called his people at Poe Companies, and they said they have no pending announcements.

Bill Weyland, of course, is closing in on the opening of his Hilton Garden Inn at Fourth and Chestnut streets, and he has talked publicly about another possible hotel project at Eight and Market streets. But we reached the City Properties CEO on the road, and he didn’t know of any big announcements.

A couple of other sources said there is talk of a group of investors looking at a historic downtown building that’s on the market, but the deal is nowhere near an announcement. And that’s all we found out.